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More than coworking, a community.

Coworking • Connection • Community

Palette is a coworking community that celebrates culture, shared ideas, and connections.

We are a community experience and life investment where our members level up in business, career, and in life! Composed of a community of deeply committed individuals who support each other, we contribute to the greater good and we’re on a journey to change the world.

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Level up in career and in life at Palette!
Palette's community has been a great way to connect and meet people throughout the Capital Region. I joined Palette shortly after moving to Saratoga from Colorado. As a founder of a well-being company and marketing freelancer, I was drawn to Palette because of the myriad of events hosted and the fun opportunities to meet other business owners who are growing and flourishing. Through their events, clubs, and connecting magic, I have been able to collaborate with other founders to host workshops and get to know some amazing humans! Thank you Palette!
-Sarah Hutcherson, Founder of Slo Breathworks
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