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The Palette Cafe

More than coworking, a community.

Our Story

Palette began as a collaborative idea by visionaries Catherine Hover and Marcella Hammer. These two creative business women believed they weren’t the only ones who strived for a space to gather and gain support from people who believe that greatness happens when people have more support, collaboration, and connection.

Prior to opening the first Palette location, Catherine and Marcella set out to find people like themselves who could support the build out and launch of a beautiful space and community that was bigger than any one individual. Together, they opened the space with 50 founding members in November of 2019. These members financially supported the business launch, start-up investment and contributed to the stellar line up of programming and events such as the Writers Club, Marketing Meet Ups, financial literacy workshops, and True Crime Club.

Palette continues to grow and evolve and brings together individuals who are motivated to change the world for the better through the power of business collaboration.


What is Palette anyway?

Aside from a portal to mind-blowing awesomeness, Palette is a place AND a state of mind!

Palette is made up of a community and a co-working space located in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. The Palette experience is designed to help our members level up in career and in life. We create ways for our members to connect and get things done both in person and in the digital realm via our community app and targeted programming.

There is conference room space and areas for larger event gatherings. Conveniences such as printing, coffee and snacks, and private rooms are available. Memberships range from annual and monthly to daily, as well as digital and nonprofit options.

Why should I join Palette?

Palette was created to be a place where entrepreneurs and remote workers could find not just a place to work, focus, host meetings/events, and find success, but to also find a network of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals to help them along their journey.

No one can do it alone. You need others who are working to achieve their goals, revenue, growth, and success to surround you while you’re on your path. At Palette, you are connected with these types of people and we also provide quarterly business coaching sessions, promotion for your business to our network, and help solving those problems that you can’t solve alone!

We emphasize collaboration and kindness in everything we do. Does this sound like something you need more of in your life? Join us!

Is this like, a girls club, omg?

Though our community is made up primarily of individuals who identify as women, we are welcoming of ALL.

Can I bring my kid or husband?

Why, yes, of course. We are a fully inclusive space! All are welcome at Palette, but if you bite others, you will be put in time out.

Do you provide scholarships?

At Palette, we have a little something called the SHERO program which is designed to help eliminate financial barriers to success. You can apply on our website for this program.