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More than coworking, a community.


What is Palette?

Palette is more than a cafe. It’s a place that celebrates culture, shared ideas and connections. Palette Cafe is a space where everyone in the community is welcome. It’s a hospitable place to grab a great cup of coffee, a quick lunch or a cocktail.

We aim to inspire everyone who joins us through our well-designed space and local artist gallery wall. It’s a comfortable place to get work done, escape from the challenges of home or connect and meet with a group of friends.

What does being a Palette Member mean?

Palette Membership is where the full vision of Palette comes together. It features a larger co-working environment with event programming, membership opportunities, and other amenities. There is conference room space and areas for larger event gatherings. Conveniences such as printing, fax, and private rooms are available. Memberships range from yearly and monthly to daily as well as corporate options. There are also great member benefits within the local community with several partners downtown.

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What is Palette anyway?

Aside from a portal to mind-blowing awesomeness, Palette is a cafe offering coffee, light fare, baked goods, and cocktails. We want Palette to feel like an extension to your house, where you can feel comfortable hanging out with friends or if you want to come get some work done. It’s your place to escape whatever it is you need to run from, if only for a bit.

What do you mean it’s an experience?

We all know there is no coffee or snack shortage in Saratoga or Schenectady, but what Palette offers that no one else does is a community where patrons are encouraged to make new friends, team up for new ventures or learn something new. As Palette grows, programming and classes will be offered by women (and an occasional dude) from our own local community. Have an idea for an experience you’d like to create at Palette? Let us know!

Palette was created by the same lady from Paint and Sip. Are you offering painting lessons?

We love to come from a place of yes, but the answer to this question is a No. We do offer artwork for sale, but we are leaving the painting fun to the experts at Paint&Sip. You can visit the website here and experience all that magic and fun there.

How do I become the featured artist at Palette?

Dude! Show us your work! You can read more info about our Artist in Residence program here and reach out here. We can’t wait for you to share your work with us!

Look, I am gluten free/dairy free/coffee free. IT’S NOT BY CHOICE OKAY? Do you have something for me?

Even if it is by choice, we have a something-free option for everyone. Gluten-free? Yes. Dairy free? Yes. Vegan, decaf, mocktails? Yes, yes, yes. We got you! You bring that picky palate of yours on in here and we will treat you right!

Can I bring my kid, dog or husband?

Why, yes, of course. We don’t discriminate on race, gender, sex, religion, age or by how many legs you have. All are welcome at Palette, but if you bite others, you will be put in time out.

Can I make reservations?

You should have no reservation showing up here whenever you want, but we do not take reservations. Eventually, we will have space upstairs available to book for parties or gatherings. For now, just stop in and we will take care of you! No reservations needed!

Do you do catering or can I place large orders from the bakery to go?

Try us! Let’s see what we can come up with!

Is this like, a girls club, omg?

No. Palette is inclusive of everyone. It’s not a girls club, but this IS a place that was created by a woman with supporting other women in mind. Everyone is welcome! But Palette will go the extra mile to help support other women in the community. Have an idea for how to help us do that? Holler!