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More than coworking, a community.

What is Palette?

Palette is a co-working space and community that celebrates culture, shared ideas and connections. It’s a comfortable place to get work done, escape from the challenges of home or connect and meet with a group of friends.

What does being a Palette Member mean?

Palette features a co-working environment with event programming, membership perks, and other amenities. There is conference room space and areas for larger event gatherings. Conveniences such as printing, coffee and snacks, and private rooms are available. Memberships range from annual and monthly to daily, as well as corporate and non-profit options.


What is Palette anyway?

Aside from a portal to mind-blowing awesomeness, Palette provides community and co-working spaces designed to help our members level up in career and in life. We create ways for our members to connect and get things done both in person and in the digital realm via our community app and targeted programming.

Palette was created by the same lady from Paint and Sip. Are you offering painting lessons?

We love to come from a place of yes, but the answer to this question is a No. We leave the painting fun to the experts at Paint&Sip. You can visit the website here and experience all that magic and fun there.

Can I bring my kid, dog or husband?

Why, yes, of course. We are a fully inclusive space! All are welcome at Palette, but if you bite others, you will be put in time out.

Is this like, a girls club, omg?

No. Palette is designed to be a place for everyone. It’s not a girls club, but this IS a place that was created by a woman with supporting other women in mind. Everyone is welcome! Palette goes the extra mile to help support others in the community. Have an idea for how to help us do that? Holler!