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Christina Farinacci-Roberts: YOUR FORTUNE Is in Your Framework

by Christina Farinacci-Roberts
Founder and Chief Consultant, Head Heart Hands Consulting


If you are an entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard the phrase “The fortune is in the follow up.”  It suggests (accurately) that not everyone will buy what you’re selling (literally and metaphorically!), but if you assume your prospective clients will all buy your offers after seeing you (or your marketing) just one time, you will certainly be leaving money—and impact—on the table. This will require you to reengage with them and MAKE THE ASK!

However, you can’t “make an ask” if you don’t viable offers, which is precisely why I argue that BEFORE your fortune can be in the “follow up,” you first have to understand “Your FORTUNE is in your FRAMEWORK.” Here’s the part where you might be scratching your head and wondering, “What the heck is a ‘framework’ as it relates to entrepreneurship or my business?”

So let me clarify how I define a “signature framework,” which I refer to as a “FORTUNE Framework.”

Your FORTUNE Framework is a succinct, visual representation of your 3 Ps—your Promise, Paradigm and Process. It will distill your Zones of Joy, Genius, Income and Impact into an irresistible and aligned PROMISE (what your prospective clients can anticipate experiencing and/or achieving after working with you), then capture your PARADIGM (the lens by which you approach your work and essentially identify problems and develop solutions) and then codify your PROCESS (the methodology you use to achieve the results that you get).

Your FORTUNE Framework can then serve as a blueprint for your business’s success, scalability and sustainability. First, your framework will provide the outline for your signature offer—the one that is most comprehensive and will facilitate your client’s foundational success. From the signature offer, your client can then progress to your “deep dive” offers, which will help your client to leverage the momentum from their previous success with you and to strengthen their capacity in specific areas (dictated and drive by your framework). This ensures the scalability of your business, so the arrow goes from wider to narrower.  However, we can make the arrow move in the opposite direction and go from narrower to wider, which leads to the sustainability of your business.

Here’s why and how. Although you want every prospective client to pick the signature offer. The reality is not everyone is ready and/or able to sign on the dotted line. That’s because three primary elements need to be in place for clients to buy your desired offer: Time. Money. Interest.

Sometimes your prospective client has the money and interest, but they don’t have the time. Signature offers are generally more robust engagements that require an extended period of time to achieve the intended results, but sometimes your potential buyer does not have the luxury of time because they have a “dumpster fire” they need you to help extinguish before they can think about anything more long term. That’s fine though- you get in where you can fit in and allow the relationship to organically grow from there.

Other times your prospective client has the time and interest, but they don’t have the money. (How many times have you gotten on a sales call with someone who has champagne tastes with a beer budget?) That’s fine, though, because you can remove the breadth of the scope you have from your signature offer and instead focus on one of the specific pillars or facets of your FORTUNE Framework (captured by the Paradigm and the Process) that would generally be part of your “deep dive” offers. These now transform into “onboarding” offers. These allow your client to better understand what and how you do what you do, establish a strong rapport with you and achieve a win with you that gives them a taste of what a continued partnership with you would yield them. This increases the likelihood that they will “find the money” to bring you back and build you into their budget for the future so they can bring you in.

Lastly, sometimes your prospective client has the time and the money, but they don’t have the interest. These folks tend to (mistakenly) believe that your signature offer has too many bells and whistles, and that they don’t need all of that. More often than not, they’re wrong, but they won’t know that they’re wrong until they actually work with you, and you are able to demonstrate the value add of your proprietary approach and supports. In this case, allow them to select one of your “deep dive” offers that can now act as that “onboarding” offer.  Once they have the proof of concept from your collaboration, they will more than likely initiate the conversation to extend your partnership.

All of the above is reason enough to justify your prioritization of creating (or refining) a signature framework, but there are actually three more “day to day” benefits and uses of having and utilizing your FORTUNE Framework: marketing collateral, sales calls and client deliver. All three of which drive revenue generation.

First, your framework can be used in your marketing collateral, such as your website, your PDF one pagers or pitch decks (they can even be embedded in your proposals). Second, your framework can be used to guide your sales calls. Not only can you walk them through the graphic and share its philosophical underpinning while explaining the ways each facet is connected to the specific products and services you sell; you can also highlight the client wins you’ve had so your prospective client can know that what you do isn’t just theoretical. You have your RECEIPTS, and you’re showing them they can get these results too! Third, your frameworkwork can be maximized via client delivery because you will reference your comprehensive approach, which potentially helps to “plant seeds” for additional work by emphasizing additional ways clients can work with you or by engaging different stakeholders who were not a part of initial sales conversations but have the authority or influence to get additional contracts signed.

In addition, there is no shortage of ways you can leverage your FORTUNE Framework. It can help you to amplify your messaging, contribute to your branding, inform your content creation for social media and expand your clientele. It will allow you to better package, position, price, pitch and propose your products and services, making it the gift that truly keeps on giving! If you’d like to learn more about how I could support you in signature framework development, intellectual capital creation and/or proprietary method monetization, check out this video here.


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