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I Thought I Was Being Real and Then This Happened

Dear Members and Friends of Palette,

Do you remember what our lives looked like a year ago? I sure do, and surprisingly this has nothing to do with all the social and economic uncertainty that has happened in our lives. We have never truly all been impacted by a crisis of this magnitude before.

How about these apples: a year ago, Palette Cafe in Saratoga was less than a week away from opening. Zia, my youngest daughter…well I was super pregnant and yes, about to open a business that would change my life and so many other people’s lives along the way. In the past year, I got to experience first hand what it feels like to go all in and double down on myself and my local community.

This is me opening up and being real. This is me, 1000000%. I’ve never been more vulnerable and open in my entire life than during this process. With the Palette Cafe and Community space, I’ve been able to create a place and community that reflects what I believe is most true: that with the right support, we can do anything we freaking want to do! And now we get to bring it to Schenectady, too. Talk about a dream come to life…that I worked incredibly, incredibly hard for. And I haven’t done this alone. My team and partners, my loving and hilarious family, our ever-growing group of inspiring members and so many ladies and lads who have been here for it with their support — THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

Next week we’ll be releasing the details for our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (Save the Date for Friday, June 5 and dust off your socially distant party dresses/man suits). It will be epic! Of course you’re invited! You’re VIP!!!

But here’s where I’m going with this: if you’re feeling inspired by who we are, what we are accomplishing and the positivity that comes from leveling up with like-minded humans, then do something about it. Join us and together we can create the change we wished we saw in our world up until this point.

Come to the party next week. Experience what we’re all about. Stay tapped in to what we’re doing. Join as a Founding Member in Schenectady! Buy yourself some scones, by golly.

YES, we are moving ahead.

YES, we are making change.

YES, we believe in this more than ever.

YES, you belong here with us.


Cheers to Change,


Founder, CEO and Purveyor of Fun

Palette Community and Cafe