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Karen Carey: When You Change, Invite The World to Change with You

by Karen Carey

Many of us acknowledge the necessity of change, yet lasting transformation requires three core fundamentals.

From my own journey, I have learned that understanding your thoughts, mastering your emotions, and a genuine and consistent willingness to commit are essential to stepping forward with confidence.

When you:

  •     Identify and reframe your thought patterns to a higher frequency
  •     Gather the emotional strength to feel discomfort without having to fix it
  •     Have a willingness to move forward in the face of obstacles

Clarity and Courage Emerge

Your thoughts act as magnets shaping your reality. They are ingrained habits and beliefs that influence you, often without your knowledge. Transformation begins with simply noticing and replacing negative self-talk with affirmations like ‘I am enough’ or ‘I love and approve of myself.’ Start small and gradually expand your loving words. 

It’s practice not perfection. 

Change is uncomfortable. Having emotional courage allows you to lean into your discomfort. By reassuring your body that you are safe and refusing to let familiar emotions lead the way, you open the door to true growth. 

Staying fully committed is like having a solid foundation. One that you can build upon. It gives you the willingness to embrace change and keep going, even when it’s difficult. 

Remember, it’s not a race, it’s a process and a practice. True change comes one day at a time.   



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