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Lyssa Jackson: Main Character Energy

by Lyssa Jackson

Perhaps you’ve heard this buzzword before: “Personal Brand.” Maybe you took a college class or read an article about personal branding. But what does it really mean?

In the past, personal branding was mainly about how you made people feel when you walked into a room. While that core principle hasn’t changed much, there’s a new added layer: how much someone knows about you before you ever walk into a room.

There’s a whole strategy for expanding your digital footprint, from how you show up on Google to brand-building actions like building an audience on a particular platform or becoming an author. I help my clients with all of these, but it’s only about 20% of the personal branding equation.

The version of personal branding that most of us have encountered removes the “personal” part entirely. That’s why when we show up to tell our personal brand story or post our personal brand content, we are actually nowhere to be found. Instead, we’re replaced with an overly formal, almost robotic version of ourselves that shares corporate-sounding jargon, highlight reels, and accomplishments. It never feels right and certainly doesn’t take off.

Think about your favorite main character in a film or television show for a moment. What makes you love them? I’ll venture to guess your favorite character didn’t become your favorite because of the perfect life circumstances, effortless wins, and nothing bad ever happening to them. The very thing that makes them the main character is that they need to go through things that make them grow and find confidence in themselves. By seeing into their world, you also fall in love with not just what they do but who they are.

If your life were a movie or TV show and you were the director of that film, what elements would you show to give viewers a sense of who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going next? Think about objects you own or collect, the inside jokes you have with your friends, the quirky habits and routines you play out daily, what you think about when you can’t sleep, what you can get lost in for hours, your biggest goal, or even your biggest fear.
You’ve got to dig in and realize that you’re way more interesting than you think. Most of what you consider boring details about your life make up precisely what your audience needs to see to make an emotional connection.

That’s the other 80% of personal branding: tapping into your main character energy. It’s about your ability to tell people your story, show them your growth, and help them fall in love with your personality. To build a personal brand is to have the bravery to be who you are and be so authentically yourself that your people find you.

That’s the philosophy of Be Brand You.



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