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Noel McLaren: Confidence on Camera

By Noel McLaren

Take a moment and think about where you feel most at ease. Most confident. Where do you feel like you really shine?

Most people DON’T find that confidence when a camera is pointed at them. EVEN many extroverted people who are great at public speaking. Why? Because being confident on camera is not natural. We are meant to interact with other human beings. We get to see their emotional responses to what we have to say.
When you speak to one person, or even a room full of people, you can read the room. You can see how people are receiving your message. For many, that makes them nervous, for others that makes them feel more in control. Either way, there’s power in knowledge.

When you are speaking to a camera, they don’t give you any feedback. You are putting your message out into the world without being able to take anybody’s temperature immediately on your presentation. That can be scary. But it can also be your super power. And it’s important to harness that super power because TODAY, in this post pandemic world, it doesnt matter what industry you’re in…if you’re going to be successful, you need to have a video presence…on social media…in online meetings…the world is consuming information through video more than it ever has. Lets make it your super power instead of your fear.

I asked you to think about where you feel most at ease. Is it with your spouse? Your best friend? Your children? Where are your able to be MOST yourself?
Now imagine sitting in front of the camera, to make a video for your business. When you are speaking to the camera or to the lens of your phone, imagine that the phone or camera is that person you feel safest with. Speak to the lens the way you would speak to them. You don’t have to be a different version of yourself to be good on camera. I myself struggled with this when I first got in news. I thought I needed to sound more adult because my voice was a young girls out of college. I didn’t sound genuine. The camera can see through what’s fake. Your audience wants and will gravitate towards authenticity.

Think about your favorite accounts that you follow on Instagram. Think about your favorite actors, your favorite news people. Are they the most perfect? Or are they the most REAL. The more people share their authenticity on camera, the more connected an audience is able to feel. In real life, do you feel closer to people who let their guard down, or to people who put a wall up and don’t share as much?

If you are softspoken, you don’t need to try to be louder. Be you.

If you are goofy, don’t tone yourself down. Be you.

If you are clumsy, it’s okay.

None of us are perfect.

Video and the people who consume it LOVE relatability, and they’ll be that much more likely to keep coming back to your business for more if they can make that connection.




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