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Our SHERO: Kelli Arnold

Introducing our PALETTE SHEROES

We have a little something at Palette we call a SHERO, which is a member or other community partner who is able to help out with the financial side of membership. If you’re reading this, you’re in exactly the right place to meet an amazing individual who is committed to helping others to learn and grow. We’re so pleased to introduce you to Kelli Arnold!


Tell us who you are and what is your business. What is your business’s mission?
I am currently the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Pioneer. We are a locally headquartered financial service institution. I am responsible for overseeing the strategic development of all services lines, sales enablement, in addition to project management and communications and marketing. I also am a member of the Boards of the Anchor Insurance Agency, Pioneer Financial Services and the Pioneer Charitable Foundation.


Why did you decide to become a Palette SHERO?
My grandmother, Molly Fitzgerald, came to the US from Ireland, by herself, at 21 years old. She worked as a maid and nanny for many wealthy families in Albany. She got married a had children bit later in life than most women and at 40 years old had two young children. Unfortunately, her husband found it difficult to pass the pub with his paycheck and she needed to find a way to earn additional income. She decided to open a grocery store in the basement of her home, Molly’s Groceries. She was a woman owned business in the mid 1940s and had to figure out everything from being refused services from some venders to purchasing cash registers and opening bank accounts. She created not only a viable source of income for her family, but a community hub for many families in the neighborhood. I often think how much easier her road could have been if she had a support network to help her establish her business and navigate the process. I decided to become a SHERO so that other woman, that out of necessity or desire or both, decide to become entrepreneurs, have the support to realize that dream, the support Molly did not have.


Why is giving back important to you?
There are few greater joys that I have in life than seeing people succeed and surpassing even their own dreams and expectations. I feel that people, especially women, often underestimate their value and potential. I believe that a little support, encouragement, mentoring and help in removing barriers can make all the difference.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Cultivate strong relationships and networks that will challenge you, uplift your and celebrate your accomplishments and always pay it forward.