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Seriously Catherine – BONUS: What’s On The Table This Weekend – March in Saratoga Edition

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March is HERE! Ryan and Catherine hilariously talk you through what’s going on in Saratoga Springs, NY, from the 50th Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show to Saratoga County Restaurant Week and some twists and turns along the way.

They’re also talking Peter Pan at The Spa Little Theatre, The Seven Wonders: A Live Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, St. Patrick’s Day, the time Ryan broke Catherine’s daughter’s heart, and adult tricycle race down Henry Street. HINT: the trike rally is coming back folks! These two have such chemistry and share their love for Saratoga along with what you don’t want to miss.

This lively bonus episode is your ticket to a rollicking good time, filled with insider insights, playful banter, and the unique charm that defines Seriously Catherine.

Seriously, don’t miss out – press play and let the laughter begin!

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*This Transcript is Autogenerated*

Catherine Hover 0:00
I’m just like putting it out there maybe get us needs to work with me to rebrand they

Ryan McFadden 0:03
need to rebrand such as they’re having such a tough time getting the word out about the product. It’s a shame

Catherine Hover 0:17
Alright guys, we have another bonus episode for you. I’m joined with my guest, Ryan McFadden from henrici Taproom and kindred.

Ryan McFadden 0:25
This is what’s on the table this month in Saratoga March 2024.

Catherine Hover 0:33
Here we go. What do you got? You got you brought me some booze.

Ryan McFadden 0:36
I brought you a present awesome. There was a word in the street, you have never had a Guinness somehow

Catherine Hover 0:41
I’ve never had Guinness, you’re an adult, right? And you’re I am an adult. And I’m sure there’s some Irish descent in my blood. So this is probably disappointing to my ancestors that I’ve never had Guinness shameful. Okay, so from what I gather, it’s like you’re one and done is not like something you can drink a lot of.

Ryan McFadden 0:58
No, that’s actually not true. So this looks really heavy. And it is kind of like a thicker beer, but it’s lower alcohol. And it actually we recently put it on a Taproom and a lot of people like it because it’s low alcohol and you can drink a few of them and not be hammered. Oh, if you think like the image of Guinness is like oh, it’s just like huge heavy beer. That’s like a ton of alcohol.

Catherine Hover 1:15
It’s really isn’t so yeah, like most like big Irish men drink Guinness. Yeah, like

Ryan McFadden 1:19
my grandparents are from Ireland. It’s, you know, they like to sit around. They don’t like to have one beer. So you can have six or seven Guinnesses and not be you know, on the floor.

Catherine Hover 1:28
So is it milky? Is it like heavy? It’s

Ryan McFadden 1:30
like it’s it’s smooth,

Catherine Hover 1:32
I would call it Okay, well, let’s pour this thing there’s a there’s a particular way you need to pour it Yeah.

Ryan McFadden 1:37
So what you do is you put it in a quart container. This is the traditional way that’s usually done.

Catherine Hover 1:44
You do Guinness in a growler is that it doesn’t

Ryan McFadden 1:46
know the whole thing you want. Guinness is like on tap and it pours nice and people make little artsy decorations on top. If you can do that. Okay, like coffee. Yeah, kinda like a latte. So yeah, I guess that’s true. Let’s see how this goes. Yeah, this is exactly how they want you to pour it. This is definitely on brand for them.

Catherine Hover 2:07
Or being sarcastic. Yes. Yeah. So be like a lot of head.

Ryan McFadden 2:11
Yeah, like a creamy head like that big. is sort of what it looks like when you typically pour it so like it was this is your first Guinness. I know. That’s messed up.

Catherine Hover 2:19
I don’t know why I when I when I go out. I drink margaritas and white rachet. And so I’m real classy.

Ryan McFadden 2:25
as classy as this. You don’t just bring around a quart container full of Guinness when you go out.

Catherine Hover 2:29
I’m gonna take the bigger one. Yeah, why not? Cheers. Cheers. You don’t do this thing. launcher. Did that one. Did you see your drinking on the tube? Well, oh, Taylor. So that’s not what I thought it was gonna taste like. It’s very smooth. It’s a little fraudulent. It

Ryan McFadden 2:46
is a little fraudulent. It’s true. It’s because you think it’s Yeah, I mean, you look at it. And you’re like what is I can’t drink that super heavy. But I mean, very deceiving.

Catherine Hover 2:53
Yeah, it’s weird, huh?

Ryan McFadden 2:57
That is really good. Good. Easy. Drinking. Smooth. makes everybody

Catherine Hover 2:59
Yeah, it’s nothing like it’s advertised. Yeah.

Ryan McFadden 3:03
Well, there you go. Now if it’s what do you think you’d like?

Catherine Hover 3:06
Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. It’s just it’s not at all what I expected it to be. It blew your mind. It’s a bit mind blowing.

Ryan McFadden 3:12
Your Irish relatives are now happy with you. So

Catherine Hover 3:14
I think they need they need help with marketing. I think they’re doing okay. Or they’re not. I’m not that person. I’m not that person. I don’t

Ryan McFadden 3:21
think you’re their target audience. No, I don’t think you know, 30 something year old mom is who they’re going.

Catherine Hover 3:27
Okay. But you know, Stanley made quite a shift in their marketing and its business. Yeah, yeah. So I’m just like putting it out there. Maybe Guinness needs to work with me to rebrand they need to rebrand

Ryan McFadden 3:40
such as they’re having such a tough time getting the word out about the product. It’s a shame

Catherine Hover 3:48
what’s on the table in Saratoga in March? Let’s get into it. Okay, first up now until the end of March is linked towards winter’s dreams. Do you bring the kids to

Ryan McFadden 3:57
that? So I have not brought it to that. I know that they didn’t do the Ice castles this year because they were melting.

Catherine Hover 4:04
They were melting last year there would definitely be melting

Ryan McFadden 4:06
this year. Yeah. So they I guess they canceled that portion of it because they just like couldn’t take the risk, which was smart. Given the weather. What I’ve heard that their winter fast and like Georgia is really cool, but

Catherine Hover 4:15
I didn’t bring it up. I did bring my kids so winter pass. Oh, you did? Yeah. It was awesome. They love this category. What happened?

Ryan McFadden 4:22
They loved it. What goes on at winter fest.

Catherine Hover 4:24
So it’s in the fort? William Henry. All right. And you know, there’s like four corners to the fort. Yeah. And each corner is like a different experience. A different experience. Yeah, there’s music. There’s lights. There’s it’s sensory. Oh, interesting. Yeah, it’s not what I would have thought but okay. Yeah, it’s related to go at night. It’s a night thing. Okay, next up. March 2 is the 50th anniversary of the Saratoga home and lifestyle

Ryan McFadden 4:49
show. Wow, Saratoga home and lifestyle.

Catherine Hover 4:52
I day. I am very excited about this. It’s a free event. Like the tour of the homes or whatever. No, that’s in the fall. All right. Well, Which we did. Okay, that’s

Ryan McFadden 5:01
awesome. We everyone loves that Sonia loves that so

Catherine Hover 5:03
much fun. Yeah, this is at the city center. Okay and it’s put on by the Rotary Club. It’s a free community event and it’s like all the like everyone gets a booth and you just sort of like, hop around and hop around. Is he okay offer everything garden and outdoor living media and entertainment. Versatile. Yeah. food and wellness, Green Living decor and comfort, finances and security. Wow. Well, you have bow you don’t need a security system.

Ryan McFadden 5:29
No, my dog is very defensive of her home despite the fact that she’s a doodle. And it’s not tough at all. I mean, she’s mostly hair. Have you ever seen her when she’s wet? She’s not actually she looks like a giant dog. She’s not and she also she barks a lot but she’s not actually defending us. She’s

Catherine Hover 5:43
all bark. She’s all bark on to the next thing March 3 Homemade theatres Peter Pan at the spa Little Theater. This will be a kid friendly event.

Ryan McFadden 5:52
Peter Pan classic story.

Catherine Hover 5:55
Am I brought Posey and did I bring? I didn’t bring Zia I think we just came remember what I did last year. Z is my girl. I know she’s obsessed with you. What is that? I

Ryan McFadden 6:05
don’t know. What happened Give me a hug their day. I was like so sweet.

Catherine Hover 6:09
Sweet. Nice. This was leaving Girl Scout she gave me a hug and it was Valentine’s Day right and so she had like this little glass heart that she got at pre K anyway what screwed it all up is when you came pick Molly up so we can’t have that again. I’ll just bring Molly home what screwed it up because she Zia saw you hugged you had like a moment and then you laughed. And then she remembered she had her heart that she wanted to give to you. That’s so nice. So sweet. I don’t know if you notice that you’re so oblivious, but I came outside with her. We’re scanning your street. I’m like Ryan, stop your car. So this kid can give you her freaking glass. I

Ryan McFadden 6:44
was like she waving goodbye to me or does she want something? I wasn’t sure. There were a lot of bars. I wouldn’t expect she was gonna give me a gift.

Catherine Hover 6:52
You know, there were a lot of cars coming back and forth and I’m like waving like slow down and then I saw I wait

Ryan McFadden 7:02
that’s what you do when somebody waves you you wave back

Catherine Hover 7:08
I thought you were going to turn to the alley and stop like so we could walk up to the truck and she gives you this stupid glass har I had

Ryan McFadden 7:15
no idea when you call me. He took

Catherine Hover 7:17
off he like flew down the alley. I’m like, holy shit. he misinterpreted what we were trying to do. And

Ryan McFadden 7:23
you’re waving goodbye. Have a great day. Ryan. I had no idea and I know he was gonna give me a gift. I would have stopped I would have loved

Catherine Hover 7:28
I know. I know. I know you would have but you just Yeah, you were distracted. Oh, Brian for causing this. This fiasco. It’s unbelievable.

Ryan McFadden 7:37
I look. I would love to go on a date with Z I’ll take her out. Oh, by her. You know, we’ll have we’ll share some candy hearts.

Catherine Hover 7:43
Okay, what’s next? On to the next thing, Ryan?

Unknown Speaker 7:45
All right. What

Catherine Hover 7:47
do we do bring anything to the table? Oh, yeah. Well, on the table. He’s

Ryan McFadden 7:51
what isn’t on the table March

Catherine Hover 7:52
6 through March 14 is the 2024 Saratoga County Restaurant Week. Oh, yeah.

Ryan McFadden 7:58
Get ready. Buckle up.

Catherine Hover 7:59
Are you participating? Ah, yeah,

Ryan McFadden 8:01
we are gonna participate. We don’t we haven’t always participated. But we will participate this year. It’s a good way for people to try new restaurants in town. It’s so tavern usually people for Restaurant Week. I’ve found in the past they want to go to like a fancier restaurant. Because everybody has these like crazy deals and like taprooms not really a fancy restaurant so it gets not you know, you’re gonna get like your cheeseburger discounted. And you know, not that our food’s not great. We make everything from scratch, but I think people are trying to be fancier on those days typically. Yeah, they want to take advantage Yeah, they want to take advantage so like they go to like, you know, 15 church and places like that. I wouldn’t usually go to but we’re going to do it definitely wouldn’t do it for kindred this year, which I think will be good. Yeah. So that’s coming out that usually brings people out which is fun. It’s a big week.

Catherine Hover 8:40
So you get a three course dinner for 2535 or $45 Plus tax and tip so it’s a good deal.

Ryan McFadden 8:46
It’s always a very good deal. That’s for sure. Okay, wait,

Catherine Hover 8:49
we didn’t talk about this since the last time you were on. You are reigning champion have tried to fast Oh,

Ryan McFadden 8:56
yeah, baby. We want three years in a row. So chef Andy shout out to Andy Palmisano wanted Kindred, which was awesome because it was a mushroom soup. So you see, some people don’t like mushrooms. That was the risk but much I love mushrooms. It’s like my favorite food. But they are polarizing. So we were like it was vegetarian. Usually people want like a meaty, creamy thing. And we’re like, I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not. But it was so good that we won anyway, which was amazing. Even people that didn’t like mushrooms like actually that was that was really good. So now we are super pumped about that. So and he’s the salt soup. So the week before that we were in the Chili Bowl, which I think we talked about on the last podcast. And we won that also. So two weeks in a row. We won two different events, the Chili Bowl and then shatter fest the week after, which is a lot of soup. I think Andy made maybe like over 100 gallons chowder and chili combined. So it was it was a lot of work. But it was awesome. We won the chili fast by I think three votes are something Wow. Yeah, it really came down to it. It was really close. We knew Dawson Raya was right next door to us through like pulling him out counting or like oh shit, this is going to be close. But yeah, we want so awesome. It’s

Catherine Hover 10:01
March 8,

Ryan McFadden 10:02
march 8, that’s coming in, hmm.

Catherine Hover 10:03
Friday, March 8 at 730.

Ryan McFadden 10:05
It’s Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac tribute band, baby. I’ll go to that. That sounds amazing. Actually, little Stevie Nicks tribute band a lot lot to live up to their tribute band for that.

Catherine Hover 10:15
And speaking of Stevie Nicks is actually coming to the capital region in June.

Ryan McFadden 10:19
I know you. That’s awesome. The real deal. The real deal. I didn’t even know she was still touring are still out there. So that’s really cool.

Catherine Hover 10:25
How old is Stevie Nicks? She’s 75 Oh my God, when you have someone that is talented, that is iconic. Sure. And they’re passionate about their craft. Never gonna stop. No,

Ryan McFadden 10:37
I guess why would you if people are showing up and you’re having fun and you know, so she’s a good zillionaire whatever, she’s sitting at home, if she can do a tour and people will show up, I’m sure. Why wouldn’t she? What else is she doing? Watching Blue Bloods hanging out? She’s just holding a fever. Next.

Catherine Hover 10:51
Is that what she’s watching?

Ryan McFadden 10:53
I mean, I’ve never been to her house. But my guess is that she’s a big salad fan.

Catherine Hover 10:58
I would think I’m a big salad fan. I like the mustache. I don’t know. I just like a manly. Yeah, he must always have a mustache.

Ryan McFadden 11:07
I feel like even if he doesn’t, he’s got one in my head. Fleetwood Mac is great. Obviously, they have a million hits songs.

Catherine Hover 11:13
You pH you pH you pH is awesome. Yeah, tell us some more.

Ryan McFadden 11:17
So Terry foster told me that they showed us rip before the pandemic, they were just getting restarted. They redid the whole place. It’s absolutely gorgeous in there. And then the pandemic happened. And you know, they didn’t really get the launch the way that they wanted to, but they just had a bluegrass band there at last week. And I missed it. But someone was telling me that it was like one of the best experiences they’ve had seeing live music in a long time. I guess the acoustics in there. It’s so I think it’s only 500 people that it holds. And it’s like beautiful stained glass windows and really cool. That stage is right in the middle. So it’s kind of surrounding it. And I guess the acoustics are so good that the band who escapes me right now but they told the audience they’re like, Listen, if you guys can be quiet, we would the acoustics in here are so perfect. We’ve never played at a venue like this. We’re going to unplug everything and play two songs. But you guys have to be super quiet for it. So I was talking to someone was there and he was like, you could hear a pin drop and it was like he was like it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And they just like it sounded awesome. Nobody everybody like wanted to like sing and dance. And they had to just like be super quiet because they didn’t want to ruin it for everybody else. Yeah, I’m dying to get there to see a show.

Catherine Hover 12:20
I’m really excited. Well, I mean, the main event is St. Patrick’s Day.

Ryan McFadden 12:24
It sure is. And there we go for your relatives.

Catherine Hover 12:26
The last Main St. Patrick’s Day that I can remember was before kids and they blocked off Caroline Street like upper Caroline Street and there was a band right outside of city tavern. Okay, and we were actually mug clubbers at City tavern like way back in the day there Yeah, before town even existed. Does Saratoga block off Caroline Street for St. Patrick’s Day is what I need to know. More importantly, will they block off Henry Street so

Ryan McFadden 12:49
here’s the thing so St. Patrick’s Day I think it depends what day it falls. My guess is they would close off Caroline Street. I doubt they’re gonna close off Henry Street. They don’t typically anyway, even though the partying glass across the street that’s their big banner day it’s an Irish bars. To my knowledge. They’re not closing off. At least Henry Street. They could be doing Carolina they probably should do Carolina.

Catherine Hover 13:06
It’s on a Sunday this year.

Ryan McFadden 13:07
I know. So that is an interesting thing. Because if it’s on a Saturday, it’s easy you know to expect that it’s on a Sunday, people are gonna go out Saturday and then probably people also go out Sunday, which is a bad thing,

Catherine Hover 13:17
but not if you own a bar. No, it’s

Ryan McFadden 13:19
not. Yeah, I mean, I think just St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s obviously it’s a big day for every bar in town. It’s not like our main thing a Taproom like Harvey’s is an Irish bar. So it’s big day for them. Obviously the partying class too and let but like Harvey’s is a great spot to go It’s a big day for them. I think they start really early and I’m sure they do awesome on that day. It’s a good spot to hang out. So

Catherine Hover 13:37
green, green eggs and ham Green Eggs and Ham color everything

Ryan McFadden 13:40
green. Everyone’s where little hats green shirts. It’s a hell of a day to be out in town.

Catherine Hover 13:44
Harvey’s on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a Sunday. They will have Irish Pub fare corned beef and cabbage, Bangers and Mash Irish music Guinness harp shot girls. Tell them more do and Jameson Irish whiskeys fitting Irish dup dancers and Irish bagpipers now they got the whole the whole band coming out the whole shebang bringing out bagpipes so you’d have an Ireland Oh yeah,

Ryan McFadden 14:09
I have my grandparents are from there.

Catherine Hover 14:11
When was this is before kids was right before Molly

Ryan McFadden 14:14
was born. I’m actually going back this summer with my whole family for the first time in a long since then. That was first time I went I Oh it’s great. It’s just gorgeous. First of all Ireland’s empty now I feel like if I would was some kajillion air that had accompany I would put it in Ireland is this big, beautiful empty country that’s just like gorgeous and there’s like no big corporations there. Why?

Catherine Hover 14:33
I don’t know. The tax is high.

Ryan McFadden 14:35
I have no I don’t think so. My uncle was telling me he’s like yeah, we don’t have to pay for our I don’t know what it was pay for our water. It’s all free and I have no idea so I don’t know why not. But I just it’s a really beautiful place to go if you’ve never been

Catherine Hover 14:48
What are you doing for spring break?

Ryan McFadden 14:49
I am going to Florida to see my family. I do that every year. Kids are often need something to do so that’s like the one time here we go down there. So when his dad lives down there, so we do like a little Florida Family Tour. Every year, which is a nice way to wrap up the winter, but other than that, I won’t be here so we’ll be doing anything here. Really? What about you? What do you got going on?

Catherine Hover 15:08
I have no idea I don’t have any plans. Make

Ryan McFadden 15:10
some plans because as we were talking about you get the week off with your kids. You gotta do something with them. makes it tough.

Catherine Hover 15:15
Well, we have a pretty big like we’re buying this house and so we gotta go out this year is gonna be like a stay put

Ryan McFadden 15:24
year. Yeah, well, that has nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes that’s good. Unless

Catherine Hover 15:28
there’s a special occasion that I can’t opportunity that I can’t pass up like, like Taylor Swift. We did a bike rally. That was like our main event, we would do a bike rally the bike. That was the best in June. Yes, that was awesome. Honestly, we should bring it back. Because because there is more advocacy and support about bikes in Saratoga. Yeah,

Ryan McFadden 15:51
well, there’s a lot of advocacy about bikes and Saratoga as there should be. It’s an easy, quick way to get around town. But we totally should bring it back. That was such a fun event. I’ve had people ask me about that. There’s still some like hats floating around that I’ll see people wearing from it. What we used to do is come down the alley and have a big adult big wheel bike race that had like a finish line. And there was more often than not some false. Like maybe it wasn’t the safest event, but it was a ton of fun. I still have a bunch of like shitty broken big wheels and our advocate can trade from that

Catherine Hover 16:22
when we propose this event and this idea you would have thought we were trying to sell drugs to children.

Ryan McFadden 16:27
Oh my God, I know the old regime I’ll say the new regime is much more flexible stuff like that. But typically in the past not saying anyone that’s there now but they just don’t want to do any extra work. So if you have to shut down the street and they have to bring in more cops and they get nervous about that so they would just be like kind of like blanket no if you want to do something yeah, we’re just like we’re not dealing with that then people are gonna get drunk and they’re gonna get in fights which is you know, as a family friendly event it was like a Saturday morning or something but now we should definitely bring it back. I mean, there’s a lot more flexibility now and now we have like the the patios and like the the cities much more open to like business and ideas like that than they used to be which is absolutely awesome for town. Yeah, I

Catherine Hover 17:00
should reengage with the whole Henry shoe business association and it’s really

Ryan McFadden 17:07
it was really nice yourself engaged.

Catherine Hover 17:10
You should go look up these videos because even when

Ryan McFadden 17:12
there’s great pictures from here, they’re really made a video remember

Catherine Hover 17:15
of all because we did

Ryan McFadden 17:18
trial? Yes, I do remember that. Yeah, they didn’t all go so great.

Catherine Hover 17:25
trial runs, because I think maybe the city wanted to assure that like liability would be like, Yeah, we

Ryan McFadden 17:32
need to get like haystacks like for people crashing and things. People are we doing why aren’t we doing this?

Catherine Hover 17:39
Again, people probably don’t even understand that this actually happened. Like we actually did this. We had, like adults we had EQs come out and like commentate. And from the top of the hill, like behind what was the Children’s Museum at the time, coming down the alley and then turning on tender Street. The finish line was like in front of pain. SIPCOT or ivali. Yeah, it was a little further down. But it was epic. It was

Ryan McFadden 18:01
it was awesome. costumes. I think I was wearing a Captain America costume. It was a lot of fun.

Catherine Hover 18:06
We had so much fun. We got to redo it to be determined. Stay tuned.

Ryan McFadden 18:09
Maybe we bring it back and just read bike race.

Catherine Hover 18:11
We call it the bike rally, bike rat bike rally, the Henry street bike rally, or whatever. Same thing. When people like the city thought we were motorcycles. We’re like No, no, no, no, we’re not talking about my

Ryan McFadden 18:24
motorcycle rally on Henry Street. You guys will love it.

Catherine Hover 18:29
Okay, so Guinness is on top at the crack of you up. Yeah,

Ryan McFadden 18:35
so we always had left hand milks out on tap for the last 12 years, they ran into some distribution issues we put Guinness on which we usually just do for St. Patrick’s Day, but then our customers like liked it so much. We’re like, Should we just leave this on? And then we put a poll up on Instagram and it came back the vote was for Guinness so we’re gonna roll with that for now. And you know, it’s been selling really well. People are happy to have it. Awesome.

Catherine Hover 18:54
Give us a little rundown in case people don’t know tap room has how many handles? 16 Okay, I tap room we have 16 different beer flavor.

Ryan McFadden 19:03
Yeah, flavors isn’t the word I’ve used? Yeah. type we do have type styles. 16 different beers.

Catherine Hover 19:10
And oh, yeah. Is there like a rule of thumb or like, you know, three of them have to be this type of beer.

Ryan McFadden 19:16
Yes, absolutely. So all the lines if you come in, they’re all have a designated style of beer on them. So everybody feel like IPAs, you look at line one, line five line 11. Sometimes line 10. Now if you want to Pilsner or something like you look at line six, sometimes line 15 stouts are on 1413 and 12. ciders always 16. There’s always a wheat beer on Leap line nine and usually some kind of Belgian beer on line eight. It’s very specific. So everybody knows where to look on the board for whatever they want.

Catherine Hover 19:42
And it’s like the normal thing to do. Just go in and say I’m gonna have whatever line seven is hypervisor one. How do you say that? Hey, Facebook. Nice and that’s it. I usually drink

Ryan McFadden 19:53
that will be line nine. But yeah, so usually people come in and they’re like, I want to line six or a line one or 11 Whichever one you got you prefer Are they asked like our staff? which one they recommend? Do you hate

Catherine Hover 20:02
when people tell you? Oh, you should do this? Yes, I’m

Ryan McFadden 20:08
laid on me. It’s something happens to be literally every day that I’m at work. So

Catherine Hover 20:14
we do, there is a bar in New Orleans called the Bulldog. And there you get a, like a plastic keychain and you get a punch every time you try different beer. Okay, and then once you try all the beers, I think it’s like 50 of them, you get something, you get invited to their Christmas party, which is epic.

Ryan McFadden 20:30
That’s kind of cool. So we did used to do something like that. It was called the beer club. But we had all these binders. And once you hit 100 Different kinds of beers or beers themselves, you got a free sweatshirt with like your number logoed on it. And then after 200 You got a gift card and 300 something else and 400 You got a private party for 25 people holy shit, so we were doing that, but it got too out of hand as craft beer exploded. There’s just so many beers and so many people were hitting the numbers so quickly and it was such a pain for the bartenders that we just kind of like stopped doing it. So now we have a mug club. So that’s what we do with that.

Catherine Hover 21:00
What is the mug club

Ryan McFadden 21:01
mug club which is actually up for renewal right now we’re a year into it you get like your own mug and once you hit 100 beers you get your name carved into it. And then basically it’s you get an extra four ounces or whatever pour

Catherine Hover 21:13
that you want if you’re where do you store these mugs

Ryan McFadden 21:16
so if you’ve been in the tap room lately you might see them Katy hanging hanging there hanging Yeah, I

Catherine Hover 21:21
have seen them I was just picking you up

Ryan McFadden 21:26
it sounded like you didn’t know it was

Catherine Hover 21:29
okay when was last time you wanted to paint and sip I was there

Ryan McFadden 21:32
today. I was next door and to it. Alright

Catherine Hover 21:35
guys, so that’s what’s on the table and Saratoga for the month of March

Ryan McFadden 21:39
I got on your butts, kids. Thanks for having me.

Catherine Hover 21:46
Thank you for listening to this podcast. And if you want to connect with me slide into my DMs on Instagram. My handle is Catherine hoever

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