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Seriously Catherine – Embracing Your Breath with Sarah Hutcherson | Episode 9

Sarah Hutcherson, founder of Slo Breathworks, breaks down the myths of breathing, how she worked through loneliness, and the importance of growing and networking for your growing business.

Join Sarah and Catherine as they dive deep into the seasons of breathing, feeling lonely in a new city, and the multitudes of breathing benefits. You won’t believe how your mind and spirit can change by a simple breathing technique you can implement today for only 5 minutes a day!

Visit Sarah’s website, Slo Breathwork, for more information.


Slo Breathworks LLC advises you to consult with your physician or health professional to determine whether breathwork in general and the specific activities included in this episode are right for you. You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all risks and injuries you might experience as a result of your participation and agree to hold Slo Breathworks LLC harmless for any loss, even those alleged to result from the negligence of Slo Breathworks LLC or its representatives.

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Sarah Hutcherson 0:00
There’s not a lot of things that are going to ruffle me up but at the same time because I finally started to like listen and feel my emotions of like yeah being feeling that grief feeling the sadness feeling the anger that’s helped me also lean more into the joyful happiness positivity

Catherine Hover 0:24
Welcome to seriously Catherine a podcast about taking your business seriously, but not yourself. On this week’s episode of seriously Catherine my guest is Sarah Hutcherson, the founder of slow breath works. She has over 50 hours of breathwork facilitation training. In addition to being a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, Sara also pulls from our sustainability MBA and leadership certificate to design seasonal breathing experiences centering connection between all things. I’m so excited for you to hear Sarah’s story, let’s get into it. This week’s heartache is all about horse racing. You guys have to press we just found out that Saratoga Springs racecourse is going to host the Belmont race, which is one of the Triple Crown races. This is a very big deal. I’m gonna sound like an idiot because I’m not like a horse person. And I don’t know all the things but I do know as a small business owner and downtown Saratoga Springs, this is good for business. The Belmont race is going to be held on June 8, which is a Saturday and probably leading up to that day and afterwards it’s going to be a frenzy and I know like some people who are local Saratoga Springs people are like oh no, we don’t need more horse racing and all the tourists will be in town. Okay, that’s a good thing. That’s a really good thing. I love the hustle and bustle and activity and the local economy. It’s good for business and who doesn’t want an extra weekend of horse racing fashion and fascinators and fun dresses and being able to go to the racetrack a couple of weeks early I love this so this isn’t just for this year this will be for all of next summer too. So Belmont will be here in 2024 and 2025 so I’m super excited now this may impact I’m have to double check myself but another big event that’s held in June that is one of my favorites is the cantina fun Ron it’s usually like that first weekend in June it also happens to be Poseys birthday around her day so this I mean I’m not saying this isn’t going to affect me or impact my life in a potential negative way but overall sometimes you got to take one for the team right so we got to build around this we got to work around it. It’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be exciting. I think I’m sure grooms are already filling up I don’t have an Airbnb anymore but if I did, I would be very grateful and I think it’s just overall good good for business. I can’t impress on that. Enough like that. You know we have a we have a lot of small business locally owned businesses that that rely heavily on the tourism industry in Saratoga Springs. So if we can extend that I mean yes yes. Lena and make it work. Have fun by new fascinator okay so if you know me you know that I love what I do. And I’m a workaholic. So if I ever have a chance to get away, I can’t go too far away without my kids and without being so far away from work the Delphi is my go to what’s really great about the Delphi is that it has everything you need. It’s right there on Broadway. It has a restaurant, it’s got the breakfast joint, it’s got it all and the room service is amazing. So last Christmas we did Christmas Day Night at the Delphi we booked the Polaris suite which is really special because it has a hot tub on the balcony. And the kids loved it. It was so much when we order room service and it was just like the most special thing and again, it’s got a Jacuzzi. I mean who doesn’t want to use a Jacuzzi at the Delphi if you don’t have the opportunity to stay at the Adelphia you can still go and hang out in their in their lobby or eat at their restaurants. The best sushi in town by far I believe is at the a Delphi you should get the rainbow roll you can thank me later it’s delicious it’s absolutely the bomb. If you are local and you need a night off or a night away don’t go too far go right there to be a Delphi book yourself a ROM have dinner there have breakfast in the morning and you’ll feel like a totally different person when you wake up. So on a regular basis, I am home with the kids Mark travels work during the week. So at least one day a week on a weekday. I get a babysitter just to give myself a day to do whatever it is I want to do sometimes I go to the movie by myself because it’s one of my favorite things to do and no it’s not sad. I enjoy it. I love it and I’m just eating popcorn or I can get whatever drink I want to and no one’s sticking their like sticky hands in my popcorn bucket. Anyway Other times I just like do whatever is going on. So last week surgical living put on their gives back event we talked we’ve talked about here on the podcast, but it’s an event that they do every year around Christmas time or on the holiday season where they choose individuals, leaders in the community, and then in the nonprofit philanthropy industry are who are doing amazing stuff and they sell tickets, and the person who sells the most tickets is the winner. And all of the proceeds go to whatever organization they represent. So the winner this year was Mary Beth from Franklin community center. So Franklin Community Center is this amazing organization right downtown, and there’s a food pantry there. And they been in our in our community for a while now. And they help families in need, they have a lot going on at Franklin community center. So I’m really glad that Marybeth one she was able to get the most tickets sold and all this money is going to go to helping families in our community and Saratoga Springs downtown Saratoga Springs, they have a distribution center where you can go and I’m sure you can volunteer, but you can also bring household items, sheets clothing, to to give it to families in need. They have a food pantry there. They also have something called Project Lift, which is an after school program. I mean, is there anything that they are not covering here, so I’m super glad that that she won and the money is going to a good cause. And congratulations, Marybeth on winning. And thanks to everybody who came out it was such a fun week, Night, night out. Okay, I remember when I first met you and you had kind of made maybe you had just moved back or you’d been back for a little bit. And you were you kind of told me this story where you’re like I moved decided to move back, but you were so positive about it. Like I just admire the positivity and optimism and the sense of hope that you had when I met you and you were just like, this was this is the next chapter or the next journey. Well,

Sarah Hutcherson 6:56
I think it was I what was around February of this year is when I saw I moved Yeah, cuz I moved here. December of last year. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 7:06
well, the puppy dog is a milestone. Yes, Bobby. Bobby. Yes. See, I don’t have amnesia. While I’ll be the lobster. Oh, she’s

Sarah Hutcherson 7:14
the she’s so cute. Yeah, when I came back, I was just burnt out, like my body from COVID had just really not bounced back the way I wanted. And that was in July was at July 2020. Yeah. And then so since then, I had like all these different health things going on. And then at the same time, it was like, Alright, I had to leave the job that I was in, I was doing sustainability for pet companies helping them with the sustainable development goals. And I was like, this was that was the job that I went to grad school for, like, that’s what I wanted to do. And then my body was just like not responding. And my brain like I would look at the screen. I’m like, What was I doing? Like they amnesia thing like that was my brain fog, just Oh, my constant. And so all that was happening, because I had to choose myself and get better my god and bringing it back to the lobster. When I got her. She just helped me like, stop thinking solely about myself. Right? Yeah. And being like, I gotta like, go take her for a walk. Right. And that would be my first goal of the day. And then I’d get up I go. And then my stamina started to build, which was really great. And so I went from like being like walking literally around the block downtown to being able to walk all the way to Congress Park and all the way back. And now I don’t even think about it, right, I’m running, I’m doing things and being able to have that freedom. Like, it just puts a lot of things in perspective. So when you’re like, Yeah, you’re super optimistic. It’s like fact I can live life again, is like there’s not a lot of things that are gonna ruffle me up, right? But at the same time, because I finally started to like, listen and feel my emotions of like, yeah, being feeling that grief, feeling the sadness, feeling the anger, that’s helped me also lean more into the joyful happiness positivity, right. But a lot of my friends from high school don’t live around here. And then I wanted to find community, right. And I wanted to figure out the business piece with people that are going through similar, you know, similar trials and tribulations and all that stuff. Yeah, so that was a big piece of why I was doing it and to the breathwork. Since 2010, I taught yoga, on and off on the side of the other jobs I was doing. And so So breath is like a natural link from that. But to me, the breathing like my breathing practice, and why I’m so obsessed with is it helped me really like figure things out and move through a very difficult time in my life that we just talked about. Yeah. And so like, for me, it’s just, that’s I wanted to share that with people. So it made just so much sense.

Catherine Hover 9:36
About a year ago, I was having like excruciating back pain. And it was so bad and I was so miserable and it was hard for me to just like I felt like I tried everything and and chiropractic would help for a little bit but then you know, it would come back and it just kept coming back. Come back and then I found movement Tality I think that’s Have you cure Kira Kira for me Yeah, so much of that therapy that I did with her, which is essentially physical therapy was breathing. And she would like Teach. She taught me how to breathe, right? Because I was like a what do you call this like a neck breather? Hmm. And, and yeah, I wasn’t taking deep breaths, strong breaths, the cadence was all wrapped up. And so she like helped me to breathe correctly. And I have not had any back pain. Like in a while here now knock on frickin wood because now I’m gonna wake up tomorrow morning with the cramp on my back. But it all went back to back. It resonated with me when we met and you told me Yeah, I help people breathe, right? That’s not actually like, what’s what’s your like? Elevator Pitch. Now, it’s

Sarah Hutcherson 10:42
pretty. I mean, you’re pretty accurate. Yeah, it’s, it’s just helping people focus on their breath. We breathe about 25,000 times a day, right? Like we’re inhaling, exhaling for that amount of time. And it’s about bringing your attention, playing with inhales and exhales for some of those. Because when you do you start to notice things start to witness. Maybe it’s back pain, right? You start to like witness where you are in your body, how you’re holding your body, and how you’re showing up. I do it all through season. So that’s really my focus. So when I talked about the sustainability piece of like, thinking about inhale, top of inhale, exhale, bottom of the exhale, and relating those to the four seasons. Oh, wow. So getting people to think about like, their nervous systems as well as in connection to like, what’s going around right now. So like right now where we can have two Winter Solstice. Okay.

Catherine Hover 11:33
The darkest day of the year? Yes. See, um, so, I recently, like Mark actually told me this he he’s like, you kind of you’re kind of negative. Like, why did I just bring that up? But it’s no, it’s the truth. It is, it is the dark day of the darkest weeks, in

Sarah Hutcherson 11:49
many ways. Yeah. Right now, so yeah. Okay. Bring

Catherine Hover 11:52
bring some hope to the world here. We

Sarah Hutcherson 11:53
know the well the thing is, I think in our culture, we’re very like, Oh, we got to be on all the time, right? But like, what you’re learning from the wintering right from this darkness, and if you think about it in the breath, right, we’re at the end of the exhale right now, because follows the exhale, winters the hole at the bottom of the exhale. Alright, so if you inhale, and then you exhale, we’re like right there. And then hold. And then that’s winter, right? So we’re like, wherever, right in that sweet spot are holding our breath. We’re about to Yeah, so once that winter solstice hits, that’s where you’re like holding. And on the nervous system level, the hole at the bottom of your exhale is sympathetic, meaning it’s fight or flight arousal. Exhale, where we are right now is still more of that parasympathetic, rest and digest. And so when you think about, like, what’s happening with the dark, right, you’re starting to move into this place where you’re doing inner work. You’re starting to turn inward, slow down, hope Well, right now, it’s holidays. It’s crazy. But like, you’re really starting to just think about, okay, what do I want to bear? Like, what’s the stuff that I don’t really want to think about? You’re talking about, like, what’s the negative stuff I don’t want to look at, but part of that is an earthing. Because then that helps you come spring, right? You’re inhaling your sympathetics and drive, you gotta like, if you’re constantly in that sympathetic, you’re gonna be stressed out, you’re gonna get chronic pain, all the things in your body. So like looking to the environment, the seasons can help teach us.

Catherine Hover 13:17
Yeah, too. So is now a time where you’re like, maybe, like, removing this stuff that’s not serving you. Is that like a Yeah. underlying theme? Totally, totally.

Sarah Hutcherson 13:28
And also, I think, like, for me, bottom of the exhale ish, is all about, like, that space you’ve created through the rot. So thinking about like, Ooh, what is the stuff that’s composting, you see the leaves fall down, right, the leaves are on and they start to compost. And you’re like, ooh, that starts to smell kind of gross. You’re now you’re like, I don’t want to go into that my jumping into those leaves anymore. And so it’s like, what’s coming out of that? What space is being created, that you’re really holding on to and those leaves? Huh?

Catherine Hover 13:57
This is so fascinating. It’s kind of fun. You know? Well, I want to get back to your company. Okay, so Breathworks Yes, slow breath works and how you started it and how you’re doing? Yeah,

Sarah Hutcherson 14:09
so I started it under a different name, January of 2021. And it was really a way for me to like focus on something because at that time, I was just doing freelancing after I’d had to leave pet sustainability for just to like, start to take care of my body. And I started to do sessions with other long haulers. So I had created an account. So when I say long haul, or I’m talking about long COVID COVID. And I called it the long COVID Collective and it was a space where people would come together and write because I love to write and big writer and like just express the shit going on like in our bodies and like letting it out. And through that I started to then bring in the breathing. And so I would offer people like you want to try this breathing thing like I have the yoga background and I just started the certification for the breath. work. And that’s kind of that’s how it started. And then but to me it’s birthday, because I did do an astrology reading for my slow breath works.

Catherine Hover 15:10
So this is so you are certified. Coach. Yeah,

Sarah Hutcherson 15:16
I call I call myself a breath facilitator. But I have 50 hours of learned experience in the breath. But I also have a lot of other certifications from yoga in there. So I add that in. Wow. But I I’ll be honest, there’s so many other things that I like rabbit hole on in books I read. Yeah. And to me, it’s like pulling into then from the sustainability background with the nature peace. If you breathe for five minutes a day for a month, the cert to see shifts in all that.

Catherine Hover 15:45
It’s not even wild. It’s just like, that makes sense. It makes

Sarah Hutcherson 15:48
sense. But it’s like we, it’s hard to do, right? It’s like easy, but are simple. It’s not easy.

Catherine Hover 15:53
Well, and that’s one thing that always came up in therapy was like, Have you been breathing? And I’m like, Yes, I’m breathing. I’m breathing. Okay. See, you’re not actually,

Sarah Hutcherson 16:01
when you’re in the moment, it’s like, really hard to want to breathe. And also like, counterintuitive, your body’s like already going down that sympathetic train, like you gotta let it run. Yeah. Because then that’s like talking about not feeling then you’re just like, doing something so you don’t feel versus like doing something. So you can like, build a habit and like, lean into how you want to be and like lean into this lifestyle.

Catherine Hover 16:25
The old version of me would have never tried yoga would have never tried any of the things that I have explored in the last couple of years. I was just like a go, go, go, go go. power through it. white knuckles. You know, nothing can stop me. And it’s like, actually, a lot can stop you. And what

Sarah Hutcherson 16:42
what was the shift? Like in that belief or mindset? Well, I

Catherine Hover 16:45
think the first time I ever did yoga was when I was pregnant. Okay, and I did the prenatal yoga. And I was because I mean, I was having back pain. And I was just like, having troubles a little bit, just like with, with mobility, and I shouldn’t have had issues. I mean, it was like 2726, and I must been 27. Yeah, no, totally. I mean, it was the first time I’ve ever tried yoga. Yeah, that’s about it. Yeah. And then that opened it up. You’re like, Okay, this isn’t whatever you thought it was. Yeah. Well, motherhood opened up a lot from, you know, even that sense of like, you know, I’m not alone, I have these other people that I need to take care of and around for. I mean, I can relate, again, very different than when you were just talking my dog. Yeah. Well, when you were just talking about how like, oh, the first step was like, walk around the block. And I remember feeling that way, especially when I first moved here before open pain set, Mark and I were engaged. He was working a lot of hours. I mean, he was like, you know, we were chips in the night. And it would be like, I would wake up and be like, What do I even have to do today? Like, I can just stay in bed and do nothing. And it wasn’t from a place of like, Joy. It was like, A, I have no one. Yeah, it’s sort of depressing. Yeah. And slowly and surely I, you know, you build yourself up the courage to get out and go out into the world. And I started working at a boutique on Broadway, the Saratoga, saddlery. And it gave me like, just something to do. And then eventually, you know, we like came up with the idea to do paint and sip, but it’s like, it’s in that in being in that place. If you don’t have the knack to start putting yourself out there. It can be really scary. And

Sarah Hutcherson 18:23
it’s like doing it in a way that’s kind, right. And not like having so much judgment. I always I always speak for me, like, that was a big piece of coming from like, okay, like, you can do this, like, go do this new thing. Try one new thing each week, like and I’ll just keep adding on little bits. And then all of a sudden is like, Oh, wow, I’m walking all the way around here, right? Or getting coffee with this person now going to this networking event. So constantly, just like slowly adding to it. So grew my window of tolerance, but it also did it in a way that was like loving self compassion.

Catherine Hover 18:56
Yeah. And, and recognizing that, like, not everybody’s paying attention to what you’re doing. Also,

Sarah Hutcherson 19:00
a lot of it’s in your head, a lot of like that narrative, right? And so like, it’s just letting go of like, like, buying into it saying, okay, like, that’s the story for today. But being like, Okay, that’s a story for today. It doesn’t have to be the story always. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 19:15
I mean, I even kind of experienced this in business ownership and just being a lot more open and out there. And, you know, recognizing like, oh, like, No one’s even gonna remember that happened. or No one’s even remember that. That story in the press? You know, people just like, they’re all They’re all. They’re all so busy, and they’re all so absorbed in their own stuff. So it’s just like, you know, we all are just doing the best we can we’re all just carrying on and doing the thing and so I don’t know parenting to pets for babies and real babies, you know, certainly forces you out of that, you know, conundrum in your head and it’s like, listen, the world doesn’t revolve around you. We got shit to do. We got kids to feed dogs to walk and we got to get it done. All right, like on with it. Tell us more about slow run.

Sarah Hutcherson 20:05
Okay, so what I focus on is I do workshops, and I do walk. So walks are all about literally walking but measuring it by your breath versus the steps you’re taking. So you’ll amble around the garden and we’ll round like a certain property, that type of thing. And you’ll notice things we’ll stopping points. And then you practice a different type of broth. So like, if you’re doing a pallet, you can pick, okay, we’re on the library room. That’s why I call them on the book. You’re like, Alright, we’re gonna do our library room breath. And based on what I’m feeling like, to me, I think of a book half open. So to me, that’d be four to four. So you inhale for four, hold for two, exhale for four. Okay? And so then like, you move on, you’re like, Okay, now we’re gonna go into like, we’re gonna go outside and go on Broadway. And then like you. So the idea is that you’re interacting, you’re bringing your senses into the present through the breath, while also being immersed in the environment that you’re in cool, which is super fun. So one of these happening. So we was osmosis. Breathworks is the first one that we did here in the capital region was at Pitney meadows, and did that in the fall. And now we’re going to do another one. Winter Solstice style. So celebrating the darkness, and we’re going to be doing that December 17. From one to two, it’s a Sunday fire. So the darkest week of the year we come celebrate it, drink some tea breathe notice, like how the gardens the farms put themselves to rest, like what’s, what are lessons we can learn from the vegetables from the plants? Like, we’ll get really into? I

Catherine Hover 21:36
love I love it, or is it like kid friendly or? Okay.

Sarah Hutcherson 21:41
And like, well, there’s special breasts that kids can do. And yeah, that’s good. So that’s the walks piece, and then workshops. What I’ve done is much more focused on breathing, just like learning how to build a breathing habit. And I’m moving that slowly. I’ve done a lot of those more, b2c and I want to move more into b2b into the workplace. Oh, yeah. Because I just like how cool it would be if a breath break was similar to a coffee break. You know, like, where people are synonymous. Like you go to the coffee station, you’re talking shop, and then you’re like, Oh, we’re gonna take five breaths together. And then people aren’t, don’t think you’re, you know, some person that’s like, what are they? You know, what’s going on here? It’s like not, it’s a common thing, I hope is that breathing just becomes as common as going for a cup of coffee. It’s normalized to say, Hey, I’m gonna go take a breath break. And they’re like, cool, right on, right. Like, there’s no joke.

Catherine Hover 22:30
Yes. Well, I know Marcella does that she will she’s obviously breathing. Yeah, but he does walk. So I should like, I just need to go walk in nature. Yeah, or walk around the block. And, and

Sarah Hutcherson 22:42
that’s the key. And when you add the breath element to right, like, there’s so many benefits with walking already, that we know about. But then when you add the breath to it, right, you’re, you’re emphasizing downregulating principles in the body, you’re allowing for that parasympathetic to come on, especially when once you start that ritual that practice, you know, five to 10 minutes a day. So it’s like, to me, that’s why I think the breath blocks are super cool, right? Because it’s, it’s a win win, you know, and, and you don’t have to go far right? You can go around that block. And that’s a breath block. It’s not right about how far you’re going. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 23:14
there’s an intentionality about it, too. And I think if you see more people doing that, then you’re more apt to do it.

Sarah Hutcherson 23:20
Yeah. Well, like Yeah, it’s not as like strange to be like, I’m gonna go and with breathing what I like about it, because I’ve taught yoga and like workplaces and stuff. And Asana. And so when, you know, people, you have to have a certain thing, like, I remember when I was talking about DSST. The first job I had out of undergrad was like, we the students had to change their clothing to a specific type of clothing to do it, because it’s like, considered like a gym class. And I remember one day, I had forgotten my like clothes. And so I just wore what I had. And I got so much backlash for it. They’re like, we have to change but you don’t and all this stuff. And that stuck with me because it’s like, there’s, you know, you’re already having a busy day, you have to change your clothes, you have to go and do this, like that. And it’s just another item on your to do list. And with breath, you don’t like you can literally do it. Like right now. You could do it on a Zoom meeting. Like that’s the coolest part. Like if you’re starting to feel yourself get frustrated or fatigued. It’s like, you start to breathe. No one needs to know that you’re doing this breathing, practice. Daily. We want that to happen someday. But it can be years and years only. Right? And you’d identify the breath that works for you.

Catherine Hover 24:25
Well, if you’re doing it right, no one notices, but Right. Like there’s sometimes I mean, just even at home and I hear I’m like, Ah, it’d be like, are you okay? And yet because I’m not breathing, right? Like I’m holding my breath so much that when I have and then I have to release it. And everyone’s like, Okay, I’m like, Yeah, I’m just breathing. I just took a breath. Yeah, which is usually that’s literally what happens. I’m like, I’m fine.

Sarah Hutcherson 24:55
breaks your sign that you’re like, Oh, we’re out of we’re going into the high Drivers were taller and straighter. Yeah, true. That’s true. Well, and I think interesting too, with I mean, for my upbringing, like yawning, sighing like his, it’s gotten, I don’t wanna say it’s taboo, but they’re like, Oh, you’re tired if you yawn, right, but like yawning is a sign of your body. It’s a release, right? And it’s like when you are breathing and doing these breathing exercises, that’s a signal of your parasympathetic system turning out so like also, gurgling like all the things that are autonomic in your body. Ones like that will start to happen when you’re doing a conscious breathing practice. Because if it’s focused on exhales, because it’s gonna allow for the rest of digest to turn on, right, but as a society, we’re like, I can’t breathe. I can’t yawn. I can’t sigh like that’s a sign of like, almost disrespect. At least that was for me at first. And it was like, No, that’s we got to like, release. We got to let that go. Because that’s allowing for that system to continue forward.

Catherine Hover 25:55
What are some other like taboo or myths of breathing that mid? We need to destigmatize?

Sarah Hutcherson 26:02
That’s a good one. Ah, well, I think this may be a little this is a breath nerd excitement for a guy like everyone’s like, Okay, I didn’t know this. But I think this is really interesting. So when you inhale, I talked about it’s like, you know, sympathetic, turning on, and at the top, it’s parasympathetic. So it’s actually a spot for you to like, rest. And to me, I thought it was gonna be something where you’re like, Oh, my God, like I can’t, you know, like, I thought it would be like igniting that fight or flight sense. That’s not really that’s more of like a fun fact that I think, yeah, yeah. But another thing is, if you think about diaphragm, right, so like, a lot of people will talk about belly breathing. And it’s, I mean, I do too, but we’re really talking about diaphragmatic breathing, and we’re talking about that muscle that’s in the belly, like right in between, you know, separates digestion, and the lungs. But what’s happening is when you take a big breath in, sometimes when you move your belly, you’re not even moving your diaphragm specially if you’re spending your day like slouched over, that’s me. Yeah. Which, which is everyone? I mean, it’s not.

Catherine Hover 27:05
It feels uncomfortable.

Sarah Hutcherson 27:06
I know. Well, I know. It’s like, you gotta get the word. Out here, I did what Kira did with you, right? With the movement, that’s the same, you’re like starting to really access and move that. So like, you can always shuffling allowing for that diaphragm to start to awaken. And it moves like a jellyfish. So it has the same mechanisms as the jellyfish. If you imagine a jellyfish going live. That’s what you want the diaphragm to do. So when you inhale, it’s coming down, when you exhale, it’s coming up. And what’s making those lungs inflate and deflate? It’s the pressure exchange. Those are some of my favorite fun facts. But there’s a lot of them out there. And the thing is, is like, it’s so new, it’s like, there’s so many different studies about it. And that’s great. But also like we’re learning as we go, right? You know what I mean? Like so, and then there’s the actual, you know, physical benefits, but there’s also the mental, like, there’s a lot of things that change in your brain with the waves based if you do nasal breathing versus mouth breathing. Oh, wait,

Catherine Hover 28:10
you just sparked this thing that I’ve been seeing on social media a lot like the nasal breathing, or was it? No, it’s hostage tape. Oh, yeah. So you just breathe through your nose? So is breathing through your nose? Better? Yeah. It’s according

Sarah Hutcherson 28:24
to everything that keeps coming out. Yes. 100%. Like,

Catherine Hover 28:27
this is a thing, like people wear tape over their mouths every night.

Sarah Hutcherson 28:32
Yeah, it helps with sleep apnea. Yeah, this

Catherine Hover 28:36
is not an ad.

Sarah Hutcherson 28:38
It also sleep apnea. Like, I mean, it’s incredible. Because your nose has all these amazing qualities to it. There’s so many nerves in here, right? That connect to like every part of you. And there’s nitric oxide that’s created. And that’s like helping to again, relate to the downregulating. And so when you’re breathing, you’re filtering out all the bacteria, all this stuff. But when you’re breathing through your mouth, think about it’s like all the stuff just coming back down into the trachea and it’s just going right into the lungs.

Catherine Hover 29:05
Oh my gosh, can you see the shock in my eye? No, I’m like, Oh my gosh, oh, breathe into my mouth, but we breathe. That’s why you breathe out once you to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Better

Sarah Hutcherson 29:15
do both both benefit of shore as you move through the nose and exhale through the nose. We’re exhale through the mouth. So exhaling through the mouth, you’re going to allow that’s more associated with the size of the sound and when you harm that stably. stimulating your vagus nerve which is related to helping with achieve rest and digest so that’s why you hear a lot about that through the nose is awesome because again, like I talked about stimulating the getting that nitric oxide going and from what I know I don’t know all that but like it’s very much again relating to cleansing getting it up. So when there’s a great book called Breath by James Nesta highly recommend it. It digs into all parts of breathing. But like he did this whole crazy thing where like he wore Are the tape every day and just saw a shift is breath slow down. So that’s a big thing is slowing down your breath is really important, like under 12 breaths per minute is like incredible. Think about when you’re sleeping, you breathe less, your breaths are slower. Yeah. And then when you’re more stressed, while hard happens, your heart rate comes up, you start to breathe heavier, there’s usually more breaths, right. So you want to like move into some part of the name for slow breath works was that idea of slowing down the breath. Because we all breathe too much. Like the New York Times had a cool thing where you would like tap the screen. Every time you took a full inhale, exhale. And it would show you where your breathing rate was. And a lot of people are over in like, Britain a lot, you know, and like, so your function, and you’re just like, at hyperspeed, we all breathe, right? Like, we’re all here, we’re humans, we’re live. And I think the breath to me is much more connected to also like how we show up in the world, and getting more into that spiritual piece of it. And just thinking about, like, what parts of our lives are not allowing us to breathe, you know, like thinking about social location, thinking about our connection to our ecosystem ancestors. Like, that’s what I get really excited about. So I love all the science behind that. I nerd out on that. And I think it’s also really beautiful opportunity to win, especially when you’re breathing together consciously. In a group, you’re like, oh, this, like you just start to think about like how you’re affecting someone else you can’t not. And I think that’s why breathing is becoming more popular after the COVID after the pandemic, because we had to wear masks, and we’re like, starting to think about like, Oh, my exhale affects your inhale. And wow. So

Catherine Hover 31:39
one of the first things I was sort of shocked when I went to Kira was she was like, there’s nothing wrong with your body and your breathing. Like this. I love that we did a workshop together. That’s what makes me so happy. Yeah, she, she’s great. And so that was just one of those things. Like, I just didn’t know that I even had trouble breathing. And she looked at me for like, maybe two seconds, and she’s like your neck breather. You’re not breathing deep enough. There was something, there was a lot of other things that wasn’t doing right. But I had no idea. So what are things that people can recognize in themselves? Or is that something that you do? Do you do? Like unless you do that, like an assessment of Yes,

Sarah Hutcherson 32:14
I only do one on one offering? Because again, I’m all about the breathing together. But yeah, I do I focus on helping you build a breathing habit at work. And then like the first one we’ll do together, specifically, like what’s breathing for you? What does it look like in your body? How does it feel? Where’s your breath? When I think about okay, what are the parts of the breath? You want to think about? Like, is this wrong? First of all, like the right or wrong thing? I’m like, just know that like, it’s you know how to breathe. You vote. You’ve known that, how to do that from day one. There’s just a lot of stuff happened in your life, that’s maybe bringing the breath out of the belly. So number one is like, are you able to when you say inhale, and exhale, were in your breath like body? Is it going is in the chest is in the throat? isn’t the best right now? Yeah. Is

Catherine Hover 33:01
that good? It’s not good? No, no?

Sarah Hutcherson 33:05
Well, without being in your body and your nervous system, I would say you want to bring it down into the belly, right? We were talking about where does that diaphragm because that means that diaphragm is moving, which means there’s more pressure on the lungs, and therefore you’re getting more oxygen into your bloodstream. And you’re removing the carbon dioxide more easily, which is as important because when you breathe out about like, 70% of your toxins, your removal is through that exhale.

Catherine Hover 33:30
So how do you breathe deeper?

Sarah Hutcherson 33:34
Yeah, that’s what you got. It’s all about so what Kira probably helped you with too, is like, it’s about massaging opening up that diaphragm. That’s a big piece. And it’s also about the mind body connection and starting to practice breathing into your belly. At first, you’re going to feel like fish out of water. Like, where is that? Right? It’s like almost like when you’re riding a bike like you’re like, I don’t know how to do this. It’s the same principle you got to build that neural pathway to get that going. Wow. So it’s like wearing the body is it? Are you breathing through your nose? Are you breathing through your mouth? Mostly, like notice when you wake up in the morning is your mouth like cottony? Yeah, like do you feel kind of that? Yeah, the cotton feel

Catherine Hover 34:10
I don’t I feel like yeah, I’m not so this is another thing like you know some people like as soon as they wake up there’s like a water glass next to their table for them to like joke because I guess maybe their dry mouth in the morning yesterday. I don’t have any of that. I’m like I just I get up and I get up and I start going you’re like let’s go or go energy. Well, I’m usually woken up by my children. Yes. Insisting honestly thing right off the bat. Yeah, they have been lately, like cuddling in the morning, which is really looking at that. That’s the winter nice. They’re coming. Coming back. It’s just like natural.

Sarah Hutcherson 34:44
I mean, I don’t know, but I just go with it. Yeah, pretty cool. What’s happening, you know, like everyone’s hibernating. You got the squirrels are a little less active. Elena that because of Wahby she’s a squirrel into herself. Oh, yeah. It’s like our walks are much more efficient. Oh, yeah, the squirrels.

Catherine Hover 35:01
So interesting. Like, I don’t know about Yeah, it’s like not like yen lately they’ve just been wanting to, like in the past. It’s like, as soon as they wake up, they’re like, Can I do this? Can I do that? What are we doing? You know, and now they’ve like, yeah, Ruby, especially my, I need to like chill out with Ruby. I think people might be worried about her. She’s fine. She’s just like a wild child. And she’s, she’s her own person. But her especially in the morning, she’s like, Can I get in bed with you? I’m like, Yes, you can. This is like, you could totally

Sarah Hutcherson 35:31
breathe with them in those moments. Like, I mean, co regulation is already happening. But take like five silly breaths together. Like doesn’t have to be serious at all. You make up the names of bras, like I did a workshop, where it was with a family, it was with three kiddos. And I literally like I went and I had all these props that slinky as I had different stones, I had spritzes and candles, like I sent them all these things. And then they came up with some of the best breaths ever. They’re like Simba breath. I was like, Oh, that’s a new one. And then I was like, this is Alliance breath. And she’s like, actually, let me tell you about all the different wars in Lion King and how they’re not really lions. And I was like, Okay, now I know. Wow, like that playfulness. Energy is like huge kids

Catherine Hover 36:09
are fun. But like, what is it about palate that’s really helped you along?

Sarah Hutcherson 36:15
I mean, for me, I’m someone that I’m like an extroverted introvert, I definitely need to recharge on my own, but I love to be around other people. But for me, it gave me a container to get out there. Right. So like, there are different events to go to, and talk to people and have those conversations. So that like, helped me with my business, right? And to make those connections. And in general, I mean, it’s just like, you come in, you’re like, Alright, I want to learn, like there’s this sense of trying new things. And throwing spaghetti at the wall. I love seeing that. And like, and like, that’s cool. That’s part of it right? And not feeling like angst around if it’s going to be perfect or not really kind of letting go of a lot of that conditioning. And I’ve felt that with the different entrepreneurs I’ve met here is that sense of like, let’s try it. Let’s see if it works and doing it through collaboration. So yeah, for me, it’s been really awesome. It’s like, a year in and it’s helped me a lot with with connection. And yeah, like, I do I feel

Catherine Hover 37:14
grateful for that. Awesome. So it’s not just me.

Sarah Hutcherson 37:18
Well, you’re I mean, you’re amazing. cherry on top.

Catherine Hover 37:21
I mean, like, it’s not just me feeling the impacts of the community. Yeah,

Sarah Hutcherson 37:25
no, I mean, I think well, i What’s harbor community, right? I think a lot about this with breath is kind of like we’re in such a where people want to have results, right? Like, this is our KPI. This is what we’ve done, like, which is beautiful, and a big piece. But also it’s like, again, it sounds cliche, but it’s hard to measure connection. Right? And maybe it’s okay, like, that doesn’t need to be measured, but it’s like through story. But I do believe that connection, the benefit of it, and collaboration kind of comes to light. So like through the podcast, or through like going together and talking in an event. Like, that’s what’s helped me kind of show the value, I think, you know, for palate and for, like other things I’ve done, and that it’s just that sense of like, this is my story. This is how it’s changed. And that there’s a beauty to that, like, yeah, you know, like we’re always evolving. That’s the human of it, right? That’s like the breath piece. It just keeps moving forward. And so like how you change the stories around kind of like your evolution, and that’s what

Catherine Hover 38:23
you leave. So um, are do you have any, like, resources that people can like or assessment to see if they like where they’re, like, what what sort of like things can you share with the audience to sort of like, nugget of working with you?

Sarah Hutcherson 38:36
Yeah. Well, if you go to my website, you can download I have like a free breath flow they can find and play with, see how it feels to them.

Catherine Hover 38:44
That’s what you share with Airbnb. Oh, that was Yeah,

Sarah Hutcherson 38:47
so I created. Yeah, I did a rule was for specific to snacking. Because it’s so important. But yeah, there’s one on there. That’s more brown joy. Because when you elicit certain emotions, that affects your breath. So like, think about when you feel angry, your breath changes. It’s the same thing when you start to feel like when you bring something to your mind’s eye, then your breath starts to change. If you start to think of, you know, your kiddos, and they’re like playing the snow, your body feels that and then it’s like, ooh, heart rate slows down breath starts to go into the belly, a little bit less of that fight or flight happening. So a lot of those are focused on listening more of those positive emotions. I’ll say that but all the emotions are positive. I’ve like a tongue in cheek quiz. On my website, I have to give a shout out to PWB who helped me with my website. It’s awesome. And it was it’s all about like do you breathe? Are you human? Have you like did you wake up today and then on there you can schedule a discovery call with me like 15 minutes we can grab coffee tea virtually or in person talk about more breathing. And then you know really if your workplace or like a retreat center, that’s where I can send you like my one pagers and stuff. Oh, cool. So

Catherine Hover 39:52
like if you’re an entrepreneur and you employ people that need to learn how to breathe, right? That’s really to do a workshop for them. That’s,

Sarah Hutcherson 40:00
that’s what I love. And we can pair it around what season we’re in. Again, that’s like the big piece to me. And then we’ll make sure if you’re like, I want my people like to get more focused, or like, okay, cool. Where are we in the seasons? Like, let’s do that in spring nine, because that’s when that’s naturally gonna be happening. We’ll focus more on those inhales upregulate really get them into their body. But fun. Yeah. So, to me, it’s like my, like, again, I talked about the breath break that I get really excited about, like our workplace, to me also, like having breath ambassadors, right at every place where people are like, Are you breathing today? You know, like, we’re like, I voted stickers. And it’s like, I breathe today. And people are like, yes. I mean, because it’s like, there’s a lot, especially like, everything in the world right now. Like, not everyone has access to breathe like that, in itself is something that’s very sacred. And it’s very human, right. It’s the most human thing you can do. And so I just think in this time, we should have like this beautiful thing about like, not only our individual breasts, like when we’re taking and learning a breathing ritual that’s having like a collective impact that’s helping everyone start to slow down and think and say, Oh, I don’t need to react in that way. Let me pause. Let me see the humaneness here. And just like not take it so seriously. Right. Oh,

Catherine Hover 41:13
oh, you just did that. Yeah. Here’s the Catherine. Seriously, Sarah. Yeah. I love this. Well, thank you so much for being here.

Sarah Hutcherson 41:21
Thank you really appreciate you.

Catherine Hover 41:25
This week, face palm mom moment is Ruby. For Ruby. She’s just got the most stories talk about Okay, so just real quick. The story was that I went into parentage conference, and they were like up for Ruby. And they were like, Oh, she’s so sweet and kind. And she’s well behaved. And she’s trying really hard. And she’s doing well in school. And one of the stories they told me about was that she about the bad story. So this is just like a retelling of the story. So Ruby was actually not even alive at that point. She was I was still pregnant for her when this this scene happened in my life. But she I guess we retell it so much that she’s telling her friends at school about how she had a pet bat. She didn’t have a pet bat, this bat, like when I was pregnant for Ruby. And Posey was like three and a half years old. She was sleeping in my bed Mark was traveling for work. So I was home alone. And we were re placing the windows in our house. So we had like a piece of tarp over the windows for like a couple of days. Well, it was also I guess, bad season or like when bats are out and about in upstate New York. And in the middle of the night, I felt a draft. And so I took the blanket to put over me and I hit something and then it hit the wall and like crawled into the bathroom. Now at the time we were living in like this very small apartment. So I could like literally touch the bathroom door. And it was a sliding door like a barn barn door. And so I saw this thing crawl on the ground into the bathroom, and I freaked out and I hurry quickly, like shut the barn door like the bathroom door, scooped Posey up, because she was sleeping, ran into the living room. And immediately I was like, it was moving too slowly to be a mouse. And it was wait, it was too big like the like it was like I’m not explaining it was like crawling and it was slow moving like it. It was sneaky. Kind of anyway, I’ve pretty quickly recognize it might be a bat. And I don’t know why but I had like I guess this is like a survival, you know, mechanism and I knew that bats can get through like very, very small crevices and cracks and everything. So I quickly shut my bedroom door and then put like a blanket and sheath around the around the ground and everything but I’m starting to freak out. And I was like it was like in the middle of night. So I started Googling, like what do you do if you have a bat and house it was so scary. And so long story short, the contractor at the time that was like coming to my house every morning anyway to like work on the house. I like texted him at like 5am I’m like you need to get here now because I am stuck out on my bedroom. I am in my underwear because I was sleeping. And there is a something a rat or a bat or a mouse or something in my bathroom. And so you gotta come over and you got to find it. And he came they got the bat, and you will know where the bat was found. The bat was found in the toilet hanging under the toilet seat. So I’m sorry, but I can’t help but be mortified that had not felt the draft of this bat flying over my head and my bedroom next to my sleeping child. If I wouldn’t have hit it, I wouldn’t have woken up. And then that bat probably would have ended up in the toilet anyway. And as a very pregnant woman, the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is you gotta go to the bathroom sometimes in the middle of the night. So imagine if I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and a bathroom. How mortifying would that day. Anyway, what a moment what a facepalm moment. Thank you for listening to this podcast and if you want to connect with me slide into my DMs on Instagram. My handle is Catherine over

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