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Seriously Catherine – Live Life to the Fullest with Callie & Andrea | Episode 20

Adventure seekers be inspired! Grab Life by the Reins podcast hosts, Callie and Andrea, talk to Catherine about seizing the day! Together, they explore the thrill of adventure, the joy of learning, and the importance of staying humble. Discover how these hosts not only seek personal growth but also emphasize the significance of supporting those around them. Get ready to be inspired to break free from your comfort zone and embrace all that life has to offer. This episode is a dynamic blend of motivation and genuine wisdom that will leave you ready to seize every opportunity!

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HOT TAKES: Start working out of autonomous vehicles! Is it possible?!

SARATOGA: Summer camp hunger games. Let the games begin!

FACE PALM MOM: Jenny O’Keefe, formerly known as MamaToga, shares her face palm mom moment of the day!

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Andrea Wady 0:02
But it’s about learning and gathering experiences and trusting that you yourself are good enough to go out and try something for yourself without having to dogmatically follow an instructor. And that’s really where my heart lies is empowering people to go you know what, you’re good enough to take this information, make it your own and go and share it with other people. I think sometimes knowledge is too closely guarded

Catherine Hover 0:36
Welcome to seriously Catherine a podcast about taking your business seriously, but not yourself. Alright, this week’s Hot take is all about driverless vehicles, I find myself I mean, even though I do own a co working space or I’m a member of a co working space and I have place to go I still sometimes find myself like working in my car. So the headline is, is your next co working space the backseat of a self driving car? And I have to say like this is very, very interesting to me. Like, like riding in your car by yourself is like moment in time in my life where I have silence. I have solitude. I am like with myself more times than not I would say I’m just like quietly sitting in my car thinking like really good ideas come to my head when I’m driving in the car quietly with no one bothering me. So I liked the idea of a driverless vehicle. I feel like it can give you so much more time in your day especially if you’re a commuter. Like if you have to drive to work every day and you have that time where you it’s not wasted. You could like actually be working. I know a lot of people listen to podcasts while they’re in the car. So if you’re not a commuter, it’s like you could find that time somewhere else in TV shows high powered executives sit in the back of black Escalades taking important business calls while they’re chauffeurs navigate to the streets. Now picture that but without the chauffeur actually make it no driver at all. So we actually saw these in San Francisco last summer and we saw way mo vehicles which are the driver list Ubers, essentially, and I believe they’re rolling out in Los Angeles and Las Vegas like major cities that will allow driverless vehicles on the road. I don’t think New York State has allowed this yet. So I don’t think we’re gonna get them anytime soon. But this is like a milestone. Sometimes. I’m like, I’m a little more confident in the machines and I am in humans, because people drink and drive. They drive high. They drive by their texting. I mean, what are where are the holes here? I mean, so like big, big names are behind this like Volvo, Audi, Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes Benz have recently leveled up their automation cab capability. So we’ve got major auto brands are dabbling in this technology, which is really exciting. Let’s just face it. I mean, right now all the rage is like electronic cars. That’s my hot take. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know if this is a hot take. I don’t know if this is a Saratoga thing. But this morning was signups for the city of Saratoga Springs rec center summer camp program. Now I have to just like let you all know that Posey and Ruby those are that’s my nine year old and my six year old are obsessed with camp Saranac. They’re obsessed with the counselors. They’re obsessed with the programs. I just I can’t speak highly enough of this camp. It’s amazing. It’s also affordable, which is, you know, hard to come by these days. I mean, most camps are between three and $500 a week which is ridiculous. But the Rec Center is affordable, it’s accessible. The kids are having fun, they love it. It’s active. There’s a new theme every week. Anyway, today this morning at 7am sharp it was up to me to log on to the Rec Center website and register my children for camp and I failed. I failed miserably by 710 We were already waitlisted for six out of the eight weeks no one out this is literally 10 minutes 10 minutes after it opens which is at 7am I was like proactive at 645 I logged in and I’m like gonna go do this and anyway my whole point is that like it is like The Hunger Games like truly the hunger games with you want to sign up your kid for the Rec Center camp Sarah Adak, you got to be on top of it. You got to have like everything else squared away already. You got to have your payment account set up. You got to have immunization records ready to download or upload into the program. You got to hit finish. If you don’t hit finish and you back out and come back in. No, you’re done. You’re Sol it is intense. Anyway, send me ideas because my kids are waitlisted for six out of the eight weeks. What can I just add that there is another camp that more details coming soon. But there’s a new business opening up on Beekman Street. It’s called the Atelier Saturday March 23 will be the first weekend of spring as well as the grand opening for the Beekman Atilla EI and my point is that the Beekman Attila yea confirmed that they will have a summer camp so hopefully it’ll correspond with the weeks that I didn’t get in into rec center. So needless to say, it’s a stressful experience for me, I definitely feel like a failure because I didn’t get my kids into the damn rec center camp. And I mean, come on, though. 10 minutes. 10 minutes. That’s what I have to say about that. Stay tuned, I’ll update you. Hi guys, while I’m on a little adventure. And speaking of adventure, I’m so excited about this week’s episode. My guests are Andrea and Callie from the grab life by the reins podcast, and they have mastered adventure. I can’t wait for you to hear this episode. I’m so excited to have y’all on the show. So my husband and I are currently in the process of buying a piece of land and we got so lucky. It’s like crazy that we were able to find this. It’s 26 acres. And what’s the rule of thumb? Like for every acre you can have a horse is that? Have you heard of this before?

Andrea Wady 5:53
Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Callie King 5:57
It’s a good way to start out just by a herd.

Catherine Hover 5:59
Yeah. Well, I mean, I’ve never really. Yeah, I would love that. And then we’ll definitely have to come have you come to Saratoga and like train a horse. I think I want a pleasure horse. I don’t want a horse that has to like do anything but just be around and I don’t even have to ride it. But I guess that’s part of it. Right? That’s the fun in it.

Andrea Wady 6:18
Absolutely. It’s the fun and the connection and the camaraderie with the horses. Fantastic that you’re going to have plenty of room. Don’t worry, we can fill you full of horses. Not a problem.

Callie King 6:30
Well watch out if you get your daughter started horses because you see what happened to the two of us.

Catherine Hover 6:36
Okay, so let’s talk about that. Like, how did you? How did y’all meet?

Callie King 6:40
I listened to the episodes. I don’t know if you’ve ever really dug into like on the podcast, like how y’all met and how y’all have gotten to know each other and working together and all your adventures? Yeah. So it started when I was looking for an excuse to kind of get out of dodge and spend some more time out of the country out of the US. I was Googling around. And I found this incredible film of two women that walked across Costa Rica with rescue horses. And of course, I was instantly intrigued by the story. And then as I continued my research, I found that one of these two was Andrea, and that she was living just a few hours away from an area in Costa Rica that I regularly went to work. So I went for a visit and the rest is history.

Catherine Hover 7:29
Is that how you remember it, Andrea?

Andrea Wady 7:31
Not exactly. Close? Yes, Callie. That’s exactly how it happened. So me, I was in my little piece of jungle and I had students coming down to spend time with me to learn about connecting with horses and understanding horses at a deeper level, being a friend to a horse, and this lady called Callie King had booked in for a four day intensive I was like wait, so I never knew you know who was coming each time but it was always fun. And we have these tree houses in the in the jungle that the guests would stay in and it was a Dilek and on the first morning Callie and I hiked out to meet the horses. And I thought oh, she’s been really cool girl. And anyway, she started working with my horses. And I thought she’s really good. Like, how is she this good? I’m not sure that there’s much that I can teach this girl like wow, how how cool that someone’s come along. That’s this good. My my week’s gonna be really easy. And she was on my horse. And I took this beautiful picture of her. Which of course I put on my social media. I was like, she looks so good on my horse. I’m gonna use that. And someone wrote, oh, my gosh, you have Callie King there. And I’m like, Oh, no. Who’s Kathy? Because I was living in this little bubble in the jungle. So I quickly googled and I was like, Oh my gosh, this woman is famous. She has a huge following on YouTube. She’s a massively accomplished horse person. So I marched out there the next day, and I’m like, you’ve got some explaining to do. We were just firm friends after that, because I just respect the heck out of her that she didn’t go, Hey, I’m Kelly King, and I’m coming down. You should know who I am. She just came in under the radar. I mean, she gave herself away in two, two minutes because of how good she was with horses. But it was kind of funny when someone was like no way. I was like, oh gosh, I’ve missed something. And we’ve been friends ever since find

Callie King 9:38
the record. I learned a lot those four days. Okay,

Catherine Hover 9:41
so I want to talk about this because well, two things. First of all, when I moved from New Orleans to Saratoga Springs, I had never been around horses or didn’t even really understand any of that industry and I started working for a store on Broadway called the Saratoga saddle ray and the owner was from all Australia and he had a it’s called like Outback clothing company and shoes and stuff. Anyway, I was like, immersed into the horse industry and horse people, they’re a different breed of people from what I’ve met, the ones that I’ve met are very humble. Now, I’m not talking about the horse track people, I’m not talking about like horse racing people, because they are a different breed of people. But I’m just talking like your general horse industry, people, they’re so humble. And they are just the most kind type of, you know, environment that I found myself in when I was like, out of nowhere, I didn’t know anybody in this town, I would go to horse shows and sells leather seal. And I just like, loved being immersed in this, this whole community and industry was so remarkable. And it’s just fascinating to me, like a whole new world, you know, that I didn’t even know existed. So that was like, one point I wanted to make. The other point is that the notion that you had to get out of dodge, you know, like, and you had to kind of, I don’t know, if you were escaping or anything like that, but what a great sort of like, segue into just trying something new, a new adventure, and just sort of like, you know, I say this, a lot of times, within my community, I have a co working space, community space of people come together. And I always say, you know, there’s sometimes like a lot of fear that people have about trying something new, or meeting new people. And I always tell them, like, there are people out in the world that you haven’t met yet that are gonna love you sort of like talk about your experience before meeting each other and working together. And then you know, now and then the other point is like being a lifelong learner. So even though Callie was this badass horse person, and so knowledgeable and so well respected in industry, she’s still signing up for courses and classes to continue learning and to really develop her craft. And it would be nice for you, Andrea. So we’ll go with Callie first about sort of like getting out of your comfort zone and try new things that Andrew you can tee up on. Like you know, there’s I’m sure there’s so much new skills and and things that you can just constantly be learning and adventuring together.

Callie King 11:59
First horses in my life have not only been a huge source of joy and the passion and horses either they are my life, but also they have been an incredible excuse to do all of the crazy things that I want to do and make it sound somewhat reasonable to the outside world. So for example, when I wanted to spend more time in Costa Rica, I decided that I was going to go start doing riding tours in Costa Rica and then go spend time with Andrea and make more friends. They’re around horses. When I decided to move to Mexico, I said I was going to Mexico to train for the Mongol Derby to train on endurance horses in Mexico. So it’s always true. I always go and do those things. But I’m a little bit sneaky, sometimes at using the things that I want to go do with horses as also an excuse to just go make big life changes. But to answer your question and to speak to the idea of continually learning, I love the concept called beginner’s mind that when ever we can go into something, but also do something that maybe we know quite well, and we’ve done for a long time. But we can keep that concept of beginner’s mind, we can be open to so many new opportunities, and so many new ways of doing it, that we don’t get stuck in a rut. You know, I think we’ve all worked with people in any kind of field or craft that they’re doing it well, but they’re doing it like their mother did and like their grandmother did. And they’re continuing a lineage of a tradition. And there’s a beauty in that. But there also can then be a stuckness in that, where there’s not a bringing in of new learning and new ideas. And I’ve always loved being able to try to keep both, you know, to honor old traditions and in horse trading and working with horses. There’s so many beautiful classical old traditions. But there’s also so much new that people are bringing in from different fields that science is showing us about behavior and that people like Andrea through her exploration and her experiences of you know, doing the track and just having all kinds of amazing life experiences can give. So I’m always wanting to learn it and striving to keep that beginner’s mind, even with the things that the I do know pretty well or, you know, at least I’ve spent a lot of time doing, but I still can learn right alongside the beginners. Yeah, I

Catherine Hover 14:29
love that. Andrew, do you want to add anything? Yeah,

Andrea Wady 14:32
I mean, I totally agree with everything that Kelly’s just said. And I think especially well, it’s not just with horses. It’s with everything. There’s so many layers in things that when you’re a professional in something as Kelly is as I am, and professionals in any field, it’s really easy to go I really know my craft. I know my job. But horses every single horse you meet is different. Every single horse has something to teach you. It If you can punch your ego in the face every day, get it out of the way, and go, What can I learn from this. So I always say, I’m a never ending student of the horse, I don’t ever want to stop learning, I still study myself, I seek out people who I admire and try and learn from them. But it’s also about, I don’t want people to necessarily come and learn from me. And I feel that Callie feels the same with her students, and then just dogmatically follow our system. I always say to people, think about it as baking a cake. Travel the world or the internet world or the instructor world, learn as much as you can from everyone you come into contact with and take all of those ingredients, use the ones that work for you, and make yourself a cake and try new flavors, try new cake, change it all the time. And that’s not meaning, you know, you can see sometimes people that 10 Pong all over the place, and they don’t stick to anything. But it’s about learning and gathering experiences. And trusting that you yourself are good enough to go out and try something for yourself without having to dogmatically follow an instructor. And that’s really where my heart lies is empowering people to go, you know what, you’re good enough to take this information, make it your own, and don’t share it with other people. I think sometimes knowledge is too closely guarded.

Catherine Hover 16:23
Oh my god, yes. I’m like, about to cry, because it’s so it is so applicable to everything in life. And I sort of feel like, you know, once you have a passion, and you know, what you want to do with your life, I think a lot of times people don’t know what they want to do. They’re like, well, I don’t know what I like, I don’t know what I’m good at, or they only want to do what they are good at, which is total bullshit. But it’s like, you know, I remember feeling that way when I was just like, You know what, I don’t even know what I want to do. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I remember used to tell people all the time, like, I like to show people a good time. I like to party, but like I can’t be passionate about about that. And I’ve learned, you know, through my life experience that you can actually make money and do that for a living. So that’s sort of like I’ve found my way into community building economic development, bringing people together, I’m a great connector, and I get so much joy and fulfillment out of when I see somebody else connect the dots, and they can advance themselves and literally giving them the permission to say like, yes, whatever you got going is enough. So far, just get started, connect with this person and go do the damn thing. You know. So I just think I find so much reward out of helping people sort of like get into that arena. And like, what is it about what we have in common? That passion? Where did you find that? And how did you distill that in yourself? Do you want to go first, Andrea,

Andrea Wady 17:44
I lived and breathed horses my whole life, my my family are into horses. So horses were always a part of my life. But as a young person and the young adults, for me, it was all about what can the horse do for me. And then I wanted to leave England I wanted to go traveling, I wanted to live in another culture. And I moved to Costa Rica and it changed my life completely. It made me have a broader mindset and look at the world through other people’s eyes instead of just from our quite frankly, very privileged position in the countries that we perhaps come from. The purpose for me was I wanted to share with other people experiences that aren’t necessarily just someone telling someone what to do from a place of this pedestal. But from getting down in the in the dirt with them. And being really honest and truthful about experiences you’ve had in your life that have been really difficult that have been really challenging that have made you perhaps have more compassion, instead of choosing to turn down a darker path, or learning to embrace really good habits in your life, rather than letting the past catch up with you so to speak. So it sounds really deep. But to me, it was about letting people know your passion, but not from this place of being up on this pedestal thinking you’re better than everyone else because you have this knowledge but by going hey, I’ve had times in my life where in this instance, a horse has spared me or my confidence has been knocked but hey, I picked myself back up. And just being honest, you know, so many times when people are in a position of being a professional. All you see is this polished YouTube video of how great everything is, you know, the Instagram life if you like and I wanted to share that actually, life’s complicated. It can be messy, but you can still find the path of joy through the middle and Costa Rica did that for me. You know, their national slogan is por vida, which translates loosely to finding the path of least resistance through life regardless of what it throws at you. So teaching and inspiring But from the level that everybody else is at the normal, True Life level down in the trenches.

Catherine Hover 20:05
Yeah, Kelly, do you want to add anything? Yeah, that

Callie King 20:08
was really, really beautifully said, Andrea, to me passion for something. And you know, horses are one of many passions in my life, it just feels like a pool that life puts in front of me to do something. And then it’s an active choice. And sometimes that’s an active choice every day of Yeah, I’m going to keep following this pool, I’m going to keep you know, putting in the work, doing the consistent habits, doing the things that I know will help that passion to flower. Because sometimes in the beginning of starting something, whether it’s starting a activity, like working with horses, or riding, whether it’s starting a business in the beginning, it can be hard, and you need a little bit of that, like, I’m going to do this to keep stepping forward. And then there’s, there’s parts of it, where it just hits that flow where it feels like it just really pulls you along. And to me, those are such beautiful moments, but they all come together because then sometimes you hit a point where you just have to say, Okay, I’m still feeling that pool, it’s maybe not quite as strong and easy as it was, but I’m still feeling it. And I was still going to keep doing the things each day to bring me forward.

Catherine Hover 21:21
Yeah, so like I told you guys, I’m from New Orleans, and up until I guess I was 21 is my second year of college was the first time that I had been on a plane across the country to go experience something else. And to sort of give you a backstory, I was in school at USM Southern Miss and Hattiesburg, Mississippi and Katrina hit the second year of my college experience. And you know, everyone we knew lost their house because, you know, we lived in New Orleans, and everyone that even we were friends with in college was also from New Orleans, everyone lost their house, it was just total destruction. It was crazy of my college roommate at the time her her parents moved to Olympia Washington because they had family there and they were older. And so they were just like, kind of like, like getting out of dodge for a little bit seeing where everything was gonna settle. So the following spring break. My college roommate best friend Mary was like for spring break. Let’s go to Olympia Washington. I was like hell no, I don’t want to go to the northwest during spring break, I want to go to the beach, I want to go drinking, I want to go partying, you know. And she’s like, well, I want to go see my parents. And you know, I think it’d be good for you to get the hell out of this like cultural like party scene and go experience something else. And it was the most life changing thing. It was transformative. And I think how can we get more people to do that? You know, because I again, I think back on a lot of people in my life that are just have never left New Orleans, they have no desire to try anything new, they have no desire to challenge themselves in a way that will transform them. And I think maybe that there’s some fear there. Maybe they’re just they just don’t know what they don’t know. And I get so frustrated because I’m like, You don’t understand how incredible of an experience this is. To put yourself out of the comfort zone, try something new fail probably for sure you’re gonna fail, but to live with no regret is the most amazing and powerful thing that I feel like I can give to myself that I can give to my children and that I can give to anybody else that I come into contact with. Like, yeah, sure, you’re gonna fail, you’re gonna fuck it up. But who cares? No one actually really cares. No one’s really paying that much attention to you, you know? So get out there and do it. I feel like being as confident and what is the word I want to describe for you guys, because you do have this amazing energy, right? So I’m sure you attract the types of people who are going to pick up what you’re putting down and they want to go on adventures with you. And they just think like the world of you. So how, how do you sort of like combat that with anyone you might meet that, you know, kind of gives you pushback or thinks you’re crazy for doing all this adventuring? And I have that sort of shared experience. And it’s can sometimes be really difficult to continue to defend your way of life when it’s so different than you know what people may have imagined for you.

Andrea Wady 24:06
I’m probably not the best person to answer this because I’m the girl that sat on a beach in Costa Rica swigging ran out of a plastic bottle. And we’re wondering what happens if we just don’t go home, my husband and I sat and watched our aeroplane fly over our head. And we stayed in Costa Rica for 18 years. But I think the main thing is and I’m going to refer back to a horse’s again, you know, when I first went to Costa Rica, I had this dream that I was going to inspire all these people to not treat their horses like crap. And I suddenly realized, you know what, nobody cares what I have to say nobody’s nobody’s particularly paying attention. But you can lead by example. And everybody’s journey is their own. You know, you can tell people that what you’re doing is great, but you know, how do you know what an apple tastes like unless you bite it. So my thing was just to lead by example, do my thing. And then the people that are interested will start to ask questions, and I don’t think you can drag people over to your side of the fence if they’re just not ready because, you know, for some people, the way that we live our life would be a hell on earth or other people. They’re just like, Sign me up. What do I do? So it’s respecting that everybody is different. But, you know, usually I think it is a fear based thing. And when people do finally, do it, or you know, spread their wings a little bit generally feels good, but it’s not for everybody. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 25:30
right, you cow.

Callie King 25:32
I agree with the show by example. It’s one of the things that really inspired us to start our podcast grab life by the reins is because we wanted to share. Every time we were together, we started talking about stories. And we found that when we, we do events, sometimes with our students, our riding and horsemanship students, and when we were with them, and we would be telling stories just around the dinner table, and we noticed how people really enjoyed the stories. So it got us thinking, you know, we could, we could actually share these, and it would hopefully brighten someone’s day, give someone a laugh, and also maybe inspire them. So I think, for me to that, being really light hearted about it, and just sharing my own experiences and trusting that if they connect to someone, and help to pull them into a different experience of life, that’s great. And I try not to spend much time engaging with or worrying about those that don’t like my life choices. And being a public figure in the you know, the very small domain of riders, I got a good bit of kickback actually, when I moved to Mexico of people that were quite unhappy about my decision, and I, I did my best just to ignore it, I would respond to people, but I didn’t I didn’t take it on and I didn’t get into dialogues of defending what I was doing.

Catherine Hover 26:58
Yeah, I mean, I It’s so interesting to like, I think it just as you grow as a person, and you get older, right, you do get more wise, and I think you care less about what people think of you. And it’s just, it’s more important to me to be able to sleep at night, you know, and I’m much more driven by the fear of regret. And, you know, not being able to say that I did that, or I tried that, or I did the best I could. So you know, like, I know, this is maybe off tangent, but like just a couple of sort of adventures that I’m about to go on in March, march 1 of the fourth, I’m going down to Key Largo by myself, and I’m going scuba diving. It’s with like a group of people like in an entrepreneurial sort of club that I’m in and we do a retreat. But this is the first time I’m like going by myself and go scuba diving. And at first I was like I do this to myself a lot of times I’m like, Oh yeah, no big deal, scuba diving. And then I’m like, looking further into it. I’m like, wait, we’re gonna be 60 feet in the water. Like, what I don’t, I don’t even like what happens. And I haven’t done any of the training either. I’m also a procrastinator, so you have to do like an online training thing. And then you do a cool thing once you get there. But I haven’t even started any of that stuff. And I’m just like getting glimpses of like, I also know that my computer like, tracks my history, right? Like, nothing’s private. So I’m starting to see shark videos on Instagram. I’m like, oh my god, the phone knows I’m about to go scuba diving. And I keep on seeing all these like crazy shark videos like a scuba diver saying like, what if you if you encounter a shark, while you’re scuba diving, don’t thrash around, smoothly swim up to the shark, and pet its nose and push it away. And I’m thinking, There’s no way in freaking Hell, I’m gonna be able to push a shark away from me. Like, I’m just gonna be like, You know what, this is it. This is it. I’m done. I’m done. And I’m gonna be in the belly of a shark soon. So I’m a little nervous wreck about it, but not gonna back out. I’m gonna go for it. And I mean, stay tuned. If I’m eaten by a shark while there you go. But this is another thing that I’m doing slash I came and talked about it right now because my kids are in the next room. And it’s a surprise for them. So they can probably they’ll probably hear me and I’ll ruin it. But it’s a pretty epic trip across the country to see someone in concert. And everyone thinks I’m crazy. They’re like, why would you travel by yourself with your children to a foreign country to see some broad on concert and I’m like, this is going to be such an adventure. We cannot pass it up. And I think what my hope is, it’s not even about the concert. It’s about the adventure of it, right? I want them to experience what it’s like to be a little uncomfortable and have these experiences that they’re never going to forget. And my hope is that, you know, they continue and do that with their children, but it could also backfire because it could be like my mom was batshit crazy. She had us all over the place. And now we just want this quintessential simple life and you know, whatever. I have to let go I gotta let it go. Like they’re gonna do whatever they want to do, right? But anyway, I just wanted to come Like, tell that story. And also, I would love for y’all to share if you have any adventures coming up that we can, like hear about on the podcast. Wow,

Callie King 30:09
my adventure, I only have one planned adventure this year, most of my adventures just ended up kind of like coming out of nowhere. And I think that says something that happens even more easily living in Latin America, you know, you go out for a day and you think you’re just going to the grocery store. And it turns out being an adventurer. But in August, I’m going back to Mongolia. So I was in Mongolia in 22 for a race, and I’m going back this year, because I wanted to take in a bit more without being speeding along in the race. So I’m going to be there for several weeks and going on. I like a 10 day packing trip with horses. And I’m hoping to get to ride a reindeer because we’re going to some of the last groups of people that use reindeer, they milk them, they ride them and they are I mean, these reindeer like the sustenance of their life. So we’re gonna go learn about their culture. Hopefully ride some reindeer, meet some reindeer. I’m really excited. So we’ll definitely be talking about that on podcast. And

Catherine Hover 31:09
this is a reindeer in Mongolia. Yes. Yeah, Mongolia. Wow, that’s gonna be incredible. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a reindeer in real life.

Callie King 31:18
I was just gonna say I’ve got a lot of people being like, are you going to see Rudolph? Is that the kind of reindeer that you’re going to see? So I don’t know he might be hiding out there. I’ll let you know if I find him. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 31:30
or span span from Frozen. Is a reindeer. I don’t know if you even want frozen. I’ll watch it so I know who he is. Okay, Andrea, you’re up? Yeah,

Andrea Wady 31:41
so I definitely been getting itchy feet. Because when I lived in Costa Rica for 18 years, every single day was an insane adventure. And as Callie said, I walked across Costa Rica with a horse, I have incredible amounts of adventure. Almost maybe too much. Sometimes. It was just nice to have a slightly calmer life. But we came back to England at the start of COVID to take care of family. And we ended up deciding it was time now to be back home in Cornwall. But I felt myself recently I’ve been talking to Kelly as like, oh boy, if I’m getting twitchy, it’s time to go and get on the road again. So I do travel quite a lot. And Kelly and I are working together in California in May, but I’m going to be going on a big adventure with my horse. I just want to get out start walking. And I started off by saying, Oh, I think I’m just gonna walk coast to coast in England. And then I’m like, Wow, maybe I could do end to end like lands lend to John O’Groats in Scotland. Maybe I could do that. So there’s a big adventure coming, hopefully this spring where I’ll just start walking with my horse and see where it leads me and all the amazing people I’ll meet along the way. And yeah, it’d be fun to explore my home country.

Catherine Hover 32:55
Wow, for the horse, ignorant. Like when you say you’re just gonna go start walking with your horse. You’re like camping out with your horse to ride like the horse is the mode of transportation, and you’re your traveling companion. But like, can you kind of go into more detail about like, what exactly does that mean? You’re just walking with your horse?

Andrea Wady 33:15
Yeah, I mean, I would map it out. And I’ll probably have a backup team, because they’ll need to carry like horse food and things like that. But we might even stay on farms. If there’s Bed and Breakfast farm houses somewhere that my horse can be safely or we will have tents and camp along the way and make a little corral for Braniff. And I don’t know yet whether we’ll go by ourselves or whether we’ll take people with us. I don’t know. I like the idea of going by myself. I like that. Wow.

Catherine Hover 33:45
That’s awesome. So you did talk a little bit about about your husband? Like, did he know? Is he a horse person too? And did he know what he was signing up for? When he married you? He was like, this is just gonna be a life of adventure. And I’m along for the ride, no pun intended.

Andrea Wady 33:59
Well, to be honest, he was the adventure man. Because he’s a surfer and he traveled the world every single winter he would work with you where we are as quite seasonal. in Cornwall, there’s a lot of tourist business. And, you know, we met when I was 23. So we were quite young. But he spent his sort of teenage and early adult years, working all summer saving all his money and then traveling the world. So he literally went on every continent surfing. So it was me that needed to be dragged into the adventure side of things, but he always knew that horses were playing a part. But now when I say to him, I’ve got this feeling I want to go on adventure. You can just see him go, oh boy, where are you going to end up? And he Callie and I have talked about really crazy ideas of like, Let’s go somewhere in America and get Mustangs and ride them to Mexico and my husband who would be the backup crew and Kelly’s boyfriend Danny I think are a bit like there’s limits to this adventure. Like let’s not be too crazy. So yeah, it’s like the test. evils turned a little bit.

Catherine Hover 35:01
Is there a challenge that you have that is still on your bucket list? Like, I mean, again, I am so ignorant when it comes to horses and that entire industry really so you maybe you’re like, This is what we’re known for, but like, have you what do you call a tame a Mustang? Like, what is like the big challenge? I have, like Bohmer? Like if I could do that, I would like feel well, you know, this is the problem with us. We’re never done. You know, we just move on to another challenge. We just move the goalposts and try something else new. But what would you say in like, looking back has been your, you know, biggest accomplishment? Or what are you still? Like, what is that thing you’re still chasing? Yeah,

Andrea Wady 35:41
well, for me, it’s not the obvious. You know, horses don’t owe me anything anymore. You know, I don’t need to achieve anything with the horse. I think the biggest achievement for me was allowing myself to change and go, you know, what the mainstream horse industry is not for me, and that I care more about the friendship and the in the relationship and the connection with horses. So my biggest thing is just constantly Who do I need to be to be able to connect with these horses, rather than trying to achieve something on the back of a horse or whatever I don’t, you know, I’ve done really cool things with horses, I don’t feel like I need to do that anymore. But like the goal of Walking With Branner, and going places with her is about learning more about the horses all the time, is just learning more, and trying to share it so that horses can have a better life. Really?

Catherine Hover 36:37
Yeah, I mean, and that sounds like a documentary we need to get we need to get a documentary crew to come with you. And with your walk and then and like how long would that take? What would it take like months? Because then I mean, is there a way that I can come in, like, hang out for a night, or something?

Andrea Wady 36:57
I’ll let you know when I finished planning it. I mean, this is how my life goes. It started off just being a few days. And then it was like maybe a week. And then it’s like, well, actually, if I took a month or two, and my husband’s just like, Oh boy, here we go. So you know, I’m the girl that thought we could cross Costa Rica using Google Maps, you know, through the indigenous loan and through the rainforest. And it’s not always that easy. So there’s a lot of planning to do. But of course, you can come and hang out.

Catherine Hover 37:24
And I can’t wait, what’s gonna happen now? Because I’m on board. What about you, Callie? Oh, man.

Callie King 37:31
Well, I’ve always got a bucket list a mile long of things that I want to experience and things that I want to learn and things that I want to do. As I was just reviewing it in my mind. I don’t think I’ve got much on there related to horses these days. It’s more around the things that are newer in my life watersports, surfing, doing some long swims, travel destinations, experiencing different cultures. That’s one of the things that has pulled me to go to Mongolia, to the to the reindeer people. And yeah, I think that’s, that’s most learn, I want to learn more languages. So those are the kinds of things that are that are pulling me right now.

Catherine Hover 38:13
Yeah, I mean, it’s interesting, too, because like when I find I’m talking to people who are so on board with trying new things are lifelong learners, that usually they are entrepreneurs, you have just this zest for life. And it’s like, will there be enough time to do all the things and so, you know, that’s like something that I’m constantly thinking about. And, you know, I certainly need to do a better job of taking care of myself my health so that I can check all the boxes and make sure I can get all the things done on the bucket list. So anyway, I feel like we could talk forever, because this is so much fun. I mean, maybe I’ll come to Mongolia with you, Callie, like, let me know when that’s happening. I’d love to come ride a reindeer. You’re like, No, you can’t just jump on the back of a reindeer. You have to like, you know, she’s like, I’m sure you’re thinking like there’s no way in hell, you don’t know even what to do with a horse. So maybe I should take a lesson or something. If you

Callie King 39:05
can swim up to the shark and pet his nose. I’m sure you’re gonna be able to do anything.

Catherine Hover 39:11
Yeah, I mean, have you ever have y’all? I’m sure you’ve done scuba diving. No, I haven’t crazy this is so this is something that I’m gonna have done that you haven’t well, you’re gonna have to do it after I get it done. I’m also I’m like an all in person, like, so once I do something and it’s like, okay, well how much more of this can I do? And I’m just like a bring. I want to bring everyone along for the fun. You know, like, I don’t want to be up at a summit or 60 feet underwater by myself. Again, I get so much fulfillment, overseeing other people, you know, accomplish these really cool things in life so well. We’ll have to stay in touch because I would love to just you know, hopefully you’re going to talk about all this on your podcast and share it. I love that you guys share so much of your lives on social media. It’s important to really share that experience with people and I hope you realize how much you’re in firing people to try new things and go on that adventure and grab life by the reins.

Callie King 40:05
That’s right. We definitely need the scuba diving report when you get back so that we can do that.

Catherine Hover 40:11
Yeah, well, yeah, that’s That’s March 1 through the fourth. All right. Well, it was so great talking to you both. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And for any listeners, can you share more about the podcast and where they can hear about your more adventures?

Callie King 40:26
Yes, so we have grab life by the reins is our podcast and you can find that anywhere that you get your podcasts. And also for those of you listening that are interested in horse education that may also be riders or horse people. We have horse And you can work with myself or with Andrea through our courses and events. They’re

Catherine Hover 40:49
awesome. Thank you so much, Callie and Annie. Andrea, did you want to add anything else? Oh, Jeff, thank

Andrea Wady 40:54
you so much for having us. It’s been really good fun. I can’t wait to hear about your scuba diving adventures and maybe we will see pictures of you riding a reindeer real soon.

Catherine Hover 41:06
Yes, I would love that. I would love that so much. Well, thank you again so much for being here and we will follow up for sure because there’s lots of more adventures that lie ahead for us. Hey, everyone, so on this week’s face on mom moments segment is borrowed from Jenny O’Keefe. my really good friend she was formerly known as mama toga. She was like the very first mommy blogger in Saratoga and it became a very big resource for me when I had my first daughter so she is going to share with us a facepalm moment she has plenty being a mom of six and here it is.

Speaker 1 41:39
My face poem mom moment happened when I stepped out of the car at preschool drop off like this slippers. I’m wearing slippers.

Catherine Hover 41:50
Speaking of Janney, she is actually our guest on next week’s episode and I can’t wait for you to hear us catch up about motherhood and juggling all the things in life. So tune in. Thank you for listening to this podcast and if you want to connect with me slide into my DMs on Instagram. My handle is Catherine hoever

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