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Seriously Catherine – What’s On The Table in Saratoga Springs, NY in April?! | Bonus Episode

Dive into the vibrant scene of Saratoga Springs, NY, this April with Ryan and Catherine as your witty guides! From the Saratoga Springs Tattoo Expo to the awe-inspiring Solar Eclipse, they’ll have you in stitches as they dish out all the must-not-miss happenings in town.

Whether you’re a local looking to spice up your calendar or a visitor eager to soak in the springtime charm, this episode has got you covered. With the sun shining brighter and the festivities kicking into high gear, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had.

As Carnival season approaches and Putnam Place sets the stage for some epic events, Ryan and Catherine spill the beans on all the insider info you need to stay ahead of the curve. Tune in, share the laughter with your friends, and let’s kick off Spring 2024 in style!

Don’t wait another moment – hit play and get ready for a ride through Saratoga Springs’ April extravaganza!

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*This Transcript is Autogenerated*

Catherine Hover 0:00
I had brunch at Kindred on Sunday. I was it. It was really good. It’s good. I said I got would you get the Benny gas or Tron? Fried chicken? Yeah, of course

welcome back to another bonus episode of what’s on the table with Ryan McFadden.

Ryan McFadden 0:20
April edition

Catherine Hover 0:25
it’s April bitch. This episode is brought to you by kindred and Henry she tap rum.

Ryan McFadden 0:31
I also brought beer.

Catherine Hover 0:36
Okay, Ryan. All right, it

Unknown Speaker 0:37
brought you a beer,

Catherine Hover 0:38

Ryan McFadden 0:39
Custom. This is Alexander. It’s a Czech style Pilsner. It’s nice and light. I refuse to believe that winter is still here. So we’re gonna act like summer with our beverage here today.

Catherine Hover 0:49
Um, so So what’s the deal? Like? Are you not supposed to drink out of a can? When you have a glass class

Ryan McFadden 0:57
you are you know, that’s really that’s a personal choice. I mean, I drink out of a cannon all the time. I also pour in the glass from feeling feeling fancy. Depends what kind of beer it is to at least for me. Great pour.

Catherine Hover 1:09
Right? Is that Is that acceptable?

Ryan McFadden 1:11
I mean, yeah, it’s it’s not great, but it’s alright. It’s fine. It’s just beer.

Catherine Hover 1:18
I don’t claim to be a beer. Poor beer.

Ryan McFadden 1:21
I thought you claim to be a beer poor person. Like

Catherine Hover 1:25
I mean, I drink it. I don’t like I’m not

Ryan McFadden 1:30
it’s delicious. Right? We sell time. Yeah, light, nice light. Pilsner refreshing goes down smooth. Whereas shilling beer company today are in New Hampshire. They mostly do lagers, which is like lagers, pilsners, lighter beer like this. And they also have a new line that just does ales like IPAs and stuff. Well, a good beer coming out of New Hampshire.

Catherine Hover 1:50
Thanks. So Hampshire. Do you have it on tap? Sometimes we always have this in a can though. I mean, the purpose of going to the tap room is to drink the beer on tap though.

Ryan McFadden 2:00
Yeah, kind of, I mean, drink whatever you want down there. There’s a lot of stuff that we only get in cans and people know like, it’s static, because the beer on top obviously rotates. So if it’s like stuff that we have an occasion they’ll know like, oh, they always have this. So that’s the Lord there. It’s good. All right, what’s on tap in April? April

Catherine Hover 2:15
is next week. April is Monday, because do you do anything for April Fool’s Day? Oh, cheese. Do

Ryan McFadden 2:21
I ever be a prankster? I mostly just make bad jokes to my kids. Luckily, they’re not old enough to always get them.

Catherine Hover 2:28
I know but it’s April Fool’s. You don’t prank Sonia. Ah, maybe

Ryan McFadden 2:32
I should this year. You know, mix things up. It’s I mean, everybody knows the date. It’s tough.

Catherine Hover 2:37
Why don’t we do something? Why don’t we coordinate a big huge prank ordinated attack? Yeah, I mean, who can we prank that? We both know that is like an easy you can’t use me. Because if I wasn’t here, then I would be the one that yeah, is an easy target. But who do we both know? That would be an easy target?

Ryan McFadden 2:55
It’s Monday, which thinks because we were gonna do some for the bar, but the bars are close. So can

Catherine Hover 2:59
we just move on? All right, what else is going on else? And it’s April 1 is the day that the patios go out and Saratoga Yes. Big

Ryan McFadden 3:08
day. Huge day. Super excited about that. So April 1 are dropping the blocks. We could decorate everything. Hopefully the snow storms are over. Please god. Yeah. Super excited about that. Summer’s here. It’s coming next week.

Catherine Hover 3:20
So tell us the plans for the patio and on Henry Street. Are you taking up the

Ryan McFadden 3:26
alleyway? We sure are. It’s gonna be there. We’re gonna have it more decorated this year. Last year, we didn’t even put anything in the alley. But this year that we’re going to deck out the alley, so it’s cool place to hang out tables, umbrellas, lights, it’s gonna be magical. So

Catherine Hover 3:37
much fun. I can’t wait. So this is April 1. This is happening. Well, okay. I’m excited about that. Next up April 5 to the seventh is the Saratoga tattoo Expo at the Saratoga city center. Big.

Ryan McFadden 3:49
That’s a big deal. Have you been up there for that? Not to people get like they’ll be there for hours just getting like a full body tattoo. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 3:57
so I didn’t know this is a thing until we were working with crew for coffee. You know, the owner of crew is tattoo artists. He does portraits, like, like a nationally known recognized tattoo artist for portraits. Oh, I did not know that. And he like educated me on like, he goes to Dallas to talk to Expo and he has like a booth and he has like people reserved to meet him there and they get their tattoos. It’s a

Ryan McFadden 4:20
big thing. I mean, everybody has tattoos now and this thing is like hard to like, get into like, you have to get there early if you want a certain person to tattoo. Yep. Oh, really? It’s kind of crazy. You have a tattoo?

Catherine Hover 4:30
I do. I’ve got a couple tattoos. Do you have matching tattoos? Don’t you choose?

Ryan McFadden 4:34
Not exactly. They’re not the same. I mean, I get a bad tattoo in college. I think that’s what people do. You make bad decisions and then you get to look at it for the rest of your life.

Catherine Hover 4:42
Can you get it get your tattoo removed at the tattoo Expo?

Ryan McFadden 4:47
Great question. My guess is no, I think that’s like a medical procedure but I don’t really okay moving. Like people getting tattoos and right after going right to the Get get removed. They don’t like the way it came out.

Catherine Hover 4:59
I bet you that there is definitely like some sponsorship opportunities for people who like the laser removal. People have got to show up to that to this thing.

Ryan McFadden 5:08
I mean, even if people like with tattoos are like they’re like, Oh, I’m running out of space. So if you look at your body like a canvas, maybe you’re like, This sucks. I’d like to erase this. Yeah. started from scratch with your boyfriend crew.

Catherine Hover 5:18
Right? World renowned portrait, the portrait thing. What

Ryan McFadden 5:21
do you mean portraits?

Catherine Hover 5:25
Like people, like people get faces on their

Ryan McFadden 5:27
body. That’s, that’s faces on your body’s kind of tough, hard to draw people. Right? I mean, it’s one thing to draw simple, but like a human face. I

Catherine Hover 5:35
mean, it’s just a commitment to like, I bet I would assume a lot of people get their mother’s faces on them or you

Ryan McFadden 5:41
think their mother’s face

Catherine Hover 5:46
I don’t know. This is a good

Ryan McFadden 5:47
faces. I don’t know. I’ve seen that. That’s what I’ve seen more on the internet than anything. Like babies faces like baby’s faces, like your old your old mom’s face. To back

Catherine Hover 5:59
to let’s let’s keep this on the rails. Yeah. Next up, April 6. Garni. Bow. Kind of all sounds cool. Yeah. So I’ve been to this event. Okay. It’s ame services, puts it on vapor nightclub, which is

Ryan McFadden 6:14
really fun. So what happens here? Tell me about Karneval. Well, there is live Latin music or their dance lessons.

Catherine Hover 6:20
There’s dance lessons, okay. They didn’t have dance lessons. I don’t I don’t remember the dance lessons years ago when I went. But there were also there were definitely performers and hula hoops.

Ryan McFadden 6:31
So what is current? It’s just hula hoops. And I’m picturing just like people juggling fire sticks and like, is that we’re looking at? Yeah,

Catherine Hover 6:36
yeah, it’s that type of Carnival. It’s like, not like New Orleans carnival. It’s Brazilian Carnival. So which is different based here? Open bar. But I do remember that. A couple of years ago when and there were hula hoops. And after a couple of drinks, I just could not put down the hula hoop. We were able to pull it off. Yes, and can things difficult? You gotta you gotta have good core.

Ryan McFadden 7:01
I, I guess I do not unless of my trials. Like, I’m not doing this.

Catherine Hover 7:06
It’s it. There’s a there’s a sense of vulnerability to it. Like if you don’t succeed, how do you fail? You look ridiculous. If you if you don’t get it, right. So it’s super fun. Bow Bow is behind all this bow golf bar. But yeah, yeah. Chris is awesome. Aim services. Great. So anything you could do to support them? You should do that. Totally, totally

Ryan McFadden 7:30
for that.

Catherine Hover 7:31
Okay. So the following week. So first of all, we ourselves have at this point in the game here of life. We’ve gotten through spring break, which we didn’t talk about yet. You’re going on gotten through it. Right. I see what you’re saying. So yeah, you have to mentally put yourself in this situation. Like you just got through spring break. Okay. No childcare? Maybe? No, I have no plans. So I’m going to be home for this week. But then April 8 is a big, big, big week.

Ryan McFadden 8:00
It’s a huge week. That’s a Monday, right? April 8. Yeah. Okay.

Catherine Hover 8:04
The kids don’t have school. Well, they have half a day out early, which is cool. Which is essentially no school, right?

Ryan McFadden 8:10
I mean, we were gonna pull them anyway to go up and look at the old solar eclipse. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 8:13
so it’s it’s pretty solar eclipse. It’s not just it’s not just like, Oh, cool. Solar Eclipse, like there was one of these in 2017. But we were not in the path of sociality.

Ryan McFadden 8:24
We’ll look at the your scientific knowledge, language and everything.

Catherine Hover 8:27
How well are you just like leaning on Sony to figure this out? I just

Ryan McFadden 8:31
know it’s going through upstate New York and we’re gonna go to Lake Placid I’m gonna see a solar eclipse. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 8:35
it’s not that simple, bro. What is the totality because we are in the path of totality. We’re not going to have this opportunity again for years and years and years and the whole region is going to be like in gridlock. The North way is going to be so packed that we’re gonna get to where we’re gonna go and then not be able to leave

Ryan McFadden 8:56
it’s gonna be mobbed. Well, I’d like to stay over up there that night because I know people like people that are very into this eclipse eclipses in general. I know they travel for them. So yeah, it’s gonna be a big deal. Upstate New York

Catherine Hover 9:05
can’t get us to be can’t get a hotel room. already. You’re screwed. Shit. Well pitch a tent. Zacks. You’re gonna be stuck in the car for hours.

Ryan McFadden 9:13
What do you guys do when you guys go on up?

Catherine Hover 9:16
This is what I’m freaking out about. I don’t know what the plan is yet.

Ryan McFadden 9:19
I don’t mean again to freak out.

Catherine Hover 9:20
I mean, we can’t miss it. No, you can’t miss it. And we’re so close to the path of totality that you can’t not go where you can see it. Total Eclipse how close are we to the path of totality? Screen lake. And what is really exciting about screen Lake is that you will have three minutes and 31 seconds of a total solar eclipse. You’ve done the research versus if you go to Lake Placid for example, you only get like a minute. Well, where

Ryan McFadden 9:49
am I going to Lake Placid? You’re

Catherine Hover 9:50
not? Yeah,

Ryan McFadden 9:51
we gotta go to know when someone’s doing their research ship. It’s gonna waste the extra hour for no reason.

Catherine Hover 9:57
I know I was I’ve been I’ve been really stressing out about fest because I don’t want to screw it up.

Ryan McFadden 10:01
Yeah, well I hope that you don’t it sounds like you know, we’re close enough to the path of totality we can make this happen.

Catherine Hover 10:06
There’s also some other like events happening so like if you’re not as an as committed to the totality experience, you can go to a viewing party at dancing grain farm bureau a beautiful place brewery brewery. The tough word at 1pm You can do Hudson crossing Park Schuylerville Saratoga National Historic Park. Okay. And a

Ryan McFadden 10:29
couple breweries. What a you know, a few beers watch the sun disappear. Yeah.

Catherine Hover 10:33
And when I say like, or is it of the heart?

Ryan McFadden 10:40
I mean, that’s that’s what song says.

Catherine Hover 10:43
Um, I think in Saratoga we have like a 97% Oh, really?

Ryan McFadden 10:48
That’s pretty good. I mean, she can’t travel 97% Well, it’s pretty good.

Catherine Hover 10:54
Ryan it’s gonna be like a circle with like, little dot. It’s like a ring and a dot.

Ryan McFadden 10:59
And how long is for in sunny Saratoga. I

Catherine Hover 11:01
don’t know. I’m not a Saratoga. I’m not saying here. Okay. All right. I may. I may be on the north stock on the north way.

Ryan McFadden 11:08
But I will pull the kids early. They’re not going to school that day. Well, I’m thinking spending

Catherine Hover 11:12
the night Sunday night the night before. Yeah, we got to be there son got to be where we got to be Sunday night in place in place. Right. All right.

Ryan McFadden 11:20
Let’s shoot some texts. You get your glasses. My eclipse glasses, right? No, no, I did not. You need them. You can’t know what the path of totality was a few seconds ago. Since

Catherine Hover 11:29
you don’t have your glasses yet. You can get your free pair of viewing glasses at Saratoga library at the info desk. On the first floor starting on Friday, April 5, and only one per household.

Ryan McFadden 11:41
One per household isn’t that hard ticket?

Catherine Hover 11:45
Could you imagine if you only had one pair of eyeglasses to give to all of your kid like like Molly’s not giving up her glasses for the one minute that we might have to see this thing like everyone needs glasses. Everyone does. We’re not sharing what are the classes do exactly. They allow you to look directly at the sun and not be intense. You know, harm your eyeball damage yourself.

Ryan McFadden 12:05
Listen, you can also get them at Stewart’s Stewart’s is a bastion of Saratoga Springs. They’re always there for you. I love Stewart’s Stewart’s we appreciate you they’ve got they’ve got classes for sale right now. Get them all they got them. Yeah, and get get some meatballs while you’re at it. Get a cup of meatballs, get yourself an egg sandwich, go with a burger, whatever you want. I was the restaurant I

Catherine Hover 12:26
Stuart’s came through for me was that last weekend? He looked

Ryan McFadden 12:31
like he did. He said a funny text about her late night meal last week.

Catherine Hover 12:37
Well, I coordinated a kindergarten Parents Night Out at Walton Whitman. How’d that go? It went very well.

Ryan McFadden 12:48
I was ready to Stuart’s at 11pm That’s a good

Catherine Hover 12:50
side. It was from 630 to 830. And I thought surely I would just like get there get something to eat. But I was having so much fun socializing that I forgot to eat and I kept drinking. And the next thing you know, it’s like 1030. And so I texted Ryan like where do I go to eat? Yeah.

Ryan McFadden 13:08
I need food. Give me some options. Storage is the right choice. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 13:11
so I ended up at Stewart’s and we got the White Castle,

Ryan McFadden 13:16
White Castle burgers to murder burgers. You should post a picture of what you got on the on this reel whenever you put it up.

Catherine Hover 13:22
I just throw away the pack of cigarettes.

Ryan McFadden 13:25
I was like damn, you guys went for it. All right.

Catherine Hover 13:28
And well, Mark and I are like really into little Wayne lately. He’s like very interested in Little Wayne. So we were jamming. Wayne, we’re jamming.

Ryan McFadden 13:37
This is a funny visual. So Mark and I are very into little Wayne. If you’re familiar with his work, we

Catherine Hover 13:43
tell you that my dad got in a car accident a

Ryan McFadden 13:45
little way he did tell me that I’ve actually retold that story. Yeah, it’s a funny story.

Catherine Hover 13:50
I do believe that this actually happened because I remember like Dwayne Carter showed up on the caller ID Yeah. And it was his mama who took care of all his business back in the day. I think she still does take care of all his business. Okay, anyway. I digress. So solar eclipse This is as far as we’ve gone. Next up, I am emceeing an event. I’m the master of ceremonies, master of ceremonies. That’s what MC stands for. I didn’t know this until until this week. It’s pretty good. What did you think MC stand for?

Ryan McFadden 14:22
I did not think it stood for Master of Ceremonies. I can tell you that

Catherine Hover 14:25
is an event that is being produced by Rene wallraff She’s a very well known and successful recruiter, okay, in town in the region. And she’s putting on an event and it’s called fostering retention and engagement, cultivating a culture of success. It’s on April 9, at Putnam place. cool places Nice. Yeah, like what’s really cool by putting in places like running the gamut of types of events, right? So you couldn’t be like listening to a jam band or dope pod was there, I think Saturday night, or you can be listening to professionals in HR talk. What how we can nice venue engage and create company culture? Yes. Cultivate culture, cultivate culture, success, success retention. Yes, sir. Good

Ryan McFadden 15:10

Catherine Hover 15:10
Yeah. So the next up event is April 10. So this is a double whammy. I don’t know what people are going to do. They have two options on Wednesday, April 10. One of which is to go to pandas. Have you eaten up Kansas

Ryan McFadden 15:24
have not eaten Kansas. I don’t know why I just haven’t. Okay.

Catherine Hover 15:26
It’s really fun. It’s a fun vibe. They’re nice. Saratoga living is putting on their overdressed to impress event right at panss on Wednesday, April 10. Okay, so that’s fun for a lot of ladies. Not many men go to that event. Oh, they don’t like to overdressed to impress usually right so so that’ll be fun, but I am sadly I haven’t mastered being in two places at one time yet. Come on, and I have to go see Marcella hammer palate and of herself. She’s presenting at the Pecha Kucha But Jack Ma said, I don’t believe saying it right, Chuck

Ryan McFadden 16:06
Patrica. Now should I forget I’d say

Speaker 1 16:09
to couta cuccia pot pot to cook cha cha cha cha cha.

Ryan McFadden 16:15
She’s presenting it to Chaka. So

Catherine Hover 16:17
what is a Pecha Kucha night you ask? Yeah, it is an event in which multiple speakers conduct concise and fast paced presentations. They will have 400 seconds to tell their story. Visuals finding the way so Okay, I did this in 2019 Okay, prequel but so interesting about it is that you’re standing on a stage and behind you is a is a screen, you’re telling a story, just like to the audience, and every I think it’s every 20 seconds the screen changes to another photo that you’ve provided, but you have to be you got to be quarantined. Yeah, you gotta like have your shit together. It’s got to be coordinated. It’s very stressful. I’m actually glad that no one came to support me and watch me do this because I don’t know. I blacked out. I was so stressed out.

Unknown Speaker 17:03
It was really stressful happened. You got through it,

Catherine Hover 17:06
but Marcela is incredible. She’s badass, so I’m gonna go and support our Miranda Vaughn frickin is also presenting she’s another palette member named Carmen Duncan. Also, she does have a great name. So I’m excited about that. I don’t even know where that is to tell people but you should look up the Cha

Ryan McFadden 17:24
Cha get good luck

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Good luck. Look it up a Chaka Cha

Catherine Hover 17:33
we did just print we did I did just look up how to pronounce it. And I couldn’t recite it now. Yeah, it was tough. Do you know Walter Thorn now? Yes, he’s a market president and publisher of Albany Business Review. He’s going to be presenting. It’s gonna be you. Yeah, it’s gonna be an incredible group of people telling stories and it is at revolution Hall in Troy. Oh, riff off Cool. Okay.

Ryan McFadden 17:57
Dave Matthews tribute band with rich Ortiz is that what’s up next? Look at that April 13. Putnam place it’s a Dave Matthews tribute band. Called rave calf us they are awesome. Ants marching. Richard T is going to be out there ripping it with them. Why not? So

Catherine Hover 18:14
Rich. Ortiz is like is just a guest. He is not a Dave Matthews tribute band. But he can play Dave Matthews songs. I think he can play anything. He can play anything. Yeah. And what does he do? He like, plays all the music. He records it and then he’s like a one man band reads

Ryan McFadden 18:30
a hook while he’s sitting there and then ends up sad like a whole band. It’s pretty awesome. Yeah, he’s

Catherine Hover 18:34
incredible as a temperament. So why is he Why is he pairing up with this Dave Matthew tribute band? I mean, can’t you just do his own thing?

Ryan McFadden 18:40
Or maybe this has just been a dream offense? I don’t I don’t know. We’re gonna have to ask rich but I think maybe he’s just excited the opportunity to play a whole night of Dave a whole night of Dave read him Saratoga loves Dave Matthews. Get a little sneak peek April 13. You don’t have to wait till summer. And there we go. putting in place put in place again, coming up a venue of all sorts. I got some April 17.

Catherine Hover 19:03
That’s on the list. Now it says I’m going off. You’re going rogue.

Unknown Speaker 19:05

Ryan McFadden 19:07
There’s something a kindred. So we are doing mocktails and mommies. Now, what does that mean? Exactly? Do you know what that I do? Basically, it’s just as this group that’s doing like, they like to have non alcoholic event gatherings. So we’re gonna have mocktails and mommies events. You don’t have to be a mommy. You don’t even have to drink mocktails I don’t think but anyway, that’s happening in kindred April 17. So Wednesday, that’s fine. That’s six o’clock PM, April 17 is going to be it’s going to be good. So the moms can get home for bedtime. Mommy’s get home from bedtime and they’ll get home sober. So they can drive themselves right home but their kids are better if they want or they can hang out and let the babysitter do that which is what I would suggest

Catherine Hover 19:45
what I think is most important about this event is that it’s supporting moms not drinking but mom just supporting moms. Yes, mom

Ryan McFadden 19:53
supporting moms, why not? It’s tough being a mother as you know. And you know, let’s let’s let these ladies you know, let loose have a little fun. Yeah. You know, we’ll have some delicious mocktails for them. I hope they have a good time they did an event already to Delaware supply. This is their second one. So we’ll see how it goes. We use Delaware supply. I’m not sure exactly. I believe it’s down near Troy somewhere.

Catherine Hover 20:11
So these moms I was invited. Well

Ryan McFadden 20:15
didn’t go out yet. We just set it on the date tickets will be up soon. I’ll put the link on our Instagram page, but your concern yourself about it.

Catherine Hover 20:23
How does this work? Like you can have private events at Kindred? Which you have to set it up?

Ryan McFadden 20:27
But yeah, we can do private events. We have like enough like space and a little interior area in the bar. We do like semi private events. We don’t have a separate room, obviously. But they’ll have a little space to mingle and then everyone else that wants to come in can also come in. Cool. They don’t have to have mocktails but they’re welcome to

Catherine Hover 20:42
Yeah. Awesome. What it was, I guess it had brunch at Kindred on Sunday.

Ryan McFadden 20:46
How was it? It was really good. It’s good. That’s it? I

Catherine Hover 20:49
got what you get the Benny Guess which one?

Ryan McFadden 20:53
Fried chicken. Yeah, of course. Right. What else is there? It’s the fried chicken place the light goes.

Catherine Hover 20:58
canes, raising canes and canes are in there. I’m going down to the city

Ryan McFadden 21:05
to get raised again. To get $4 chicken sandwich.

Catherine Hover 21:11
Oh, shit. Well, I cannot go. I’m going down to the city for an event. But while I’m there, I might as well. Why why raising canes? I mean, what other opportunity will I have?

Ryan McFadden 21:25
Did you set this event up just to have your fight yourself by raising canes even though it’s three hours away?

Catherine Hover 21:33
It’s so good. Thanks. I’m

Ryan McFadden 21:34
back. I want to I want to have it.

Catherine Hover 21:36
I wonder if I could get a tray.

Ryan McFadden 21:40
You come back with the tray like as if it was just delivered to you? That would be amazing.

Catherine Hover 21:45
Okay, next up. Oh, is this me? April 18. The palette pro mixer, what’s that? So this is from 930 to 1130. It’s once a month. So if you can’t come to this one, you come to the next one. But it’s so much fun. The sisters Giuliana and Leah who are members of palette, they host it and it’s like an opportunity for our members, members of palates is sort of like have a mini TED Talk. So our members sign up for like the days that they want to, you know, present, but it’s so much fun. I had so much fun doing it because it’s an opportunity just like meet a lot of the people that you see on a regular basis, but you might not know like, what they do who they are what, what gives what gives them life. And it was so much fun just to meet new people. Yeah, it’s open to the public. Anybody can come and learn about who these people are. It’s usually two to three members who are sitting up speaking. Okay, holding court. And

Ryan McFadden 22:38
so like TED Talk, where they’re like, do they have like a specific topic or they’re just talking about themselves? Are they like, I’m gonna talk to you about sales?

Catherine Hover 22:45
Yeah, well, you can talk about everything. So so this past one, we had a member Christina fair, Nietzsche, Roberts talked about creating a fortune framework, okay, which is like, you know, through the lens in which you do all things if you have a sort of framework around what you do and how you do things or why you support different causes, like why do you do that? So it’s sort of like helping you come up with that for your personal brand, and then you can apply to your business. So she talked about that. Helene is another member. She’s a somatic coach. Okay, like so she talked a lot about the nervous system and how most of us are just completely overwhelmed. And our nervous system is overwhelmed and like how do you bring that back down to like a calm level energy level? Yeah. And then I talked about building community and how I started palette and why I started palette and that

Ryan McFadden 23:35
sounds fun. Yeah, you should come. I will go, right.

Catherine Hover 23:40
I’m exhausted already. April’s busy. April

Ryan McFadden 23:43
is bad to have like foil halfway through here.

Catherine Hover 23:45
I know. I will.

Ryan McFadden 23:46
This next one I know you’re excited about. Right. This is right up your alley. Look, it’s an evening with Shawn Colvin and KT Tunstall. We’ve talked about that together. We onstage.

Catherine Hover 24:03
We’ve talked about this that I don’t know who sings a song. So suddenly

Ryan McFadden 24:06
I see. You sing the song.

Catherine Hover 24:09
And then and then you’ll see

Ryan McFadden 24:12
that’s all but it goes on like that. I do remember that song. It’s very 90s black horses in the chariot. Yeah, that’s part of it. Okay, yeah. Sonny came home with a vengeance. Shawn Colvin?

Catherine Hover 24:26
You remember that song? That’s darker. Right? And then suddenly I say he’s angry angry woman.

Ryan McFadden 24:33
That’ll be fun. IDPA that makes more sense. Yeah. Up ah, anyway, these are famous people. They were on the radio. They were popular back in the 90s. Now, you pH them together onstage? Shawn Colvin KT Tunstall. I mean, I am tickled pink about this one. I can’t wait.

Catherine Hover 24:50
So but yeah, this is this is cool. Actually. This is really this is a big deal.

Ryan McFadden 24:54
Yeah. If you grew up in the 90s like I did, Tom Green was extremely famous. He was Like Jimmy Mary Drew Barrymore who did marry Drew Barrymore. He must be funny. Yeah, I mean, I think he’s pretty funny. He pays he like started off like the whole like Jackass thing. Like he was kind of doing that first on MTV and then they sort of exploded but he was the first one that just be doing like goofy shit on TV and just being like, this is a weird show. Here it goes. did was it a talk show? No, no, it was Well, remember, so

Catherine Hover 25:23
this is a Tom Green G was

Ryan McFadden 25:25
now there was a lot of skits. Not not the green green show or not the green Tom show. Yeah, it’s not the green Tom show. Remember that green show CD successful? I was. It was a big deal. 10 How old was I? Probably yeah. 10 Yeah, I

Catherine Hover 25:40
was Posies Molly imposes age watching the Tom Green show inappropriate. Margie. Like you said, your

Ryan McFadden 25:46
parents aren’t always paying attention. So they’ve made a mistake on

Unknown Speaker 25:51
what you’re watching. I like the jingle.

Ryan McFadden 25:54
Your parents are great. I’m glad you think so. But yeah, Tom Green comedy works right on Broadway, the Rathskeller. That’s a cool event. You know, I saw there. I saw Shane Gillis there before he was famous with like 15 people now look at him blown up. Maybe Tom Green will make it go support. Hey, what date is Tom Green coming anyway? Green Tom show

Catherine Hover 26:15
April 28. The week is that it’s a Friday, Friday night. So I think, Tom, if you appreciate the 90s and the 90s are coming like way back. They are back. So we’ve come to Saratoga and hit up. Shawn Colvin, KT Tunstall and Tom Green

Ryan McFadden 26:34
and Tom Green. Look at that. Let’s look at 90s powerhouse right there.

Catherine Hover 26:37
They must know each other, they’re probably going to hang out. Would that would be cool. Like if they leave them down at the bar spot them at the top round

Ryan McFadden 26:45
around town. That would be amazing. I know. Tom Green was actually used to be involved with a craft beer company out of Canada. So he’s been in this area before so who knows? Maybe it’ll show up. Tom Green. I’d love to see him. I’d love to meet him spend a lot of time watching MTV as a youth. So do you apparently a young youth?

Catherine Hover 26:58
Well, that’s interesting, like the TV will come back and stuff like that, like, you know, depending on how well known they are. Are they able to come downtown and like really experience? The city of Saratoga Springs like

Ryan McFadden 27:10
I know Dave Matthews does like they usually go out to lunch somewhere when they play in town and there’s definitely usually like a mob of people waiting outside when someone hears they’re there. But a lot of them definitely when they come to town do go out. So I don’t know how much they get left alone after they leave said restaurant but you can you know if they have enough people you can sneak back into the tour bus. Yeah,

Catherine Hover 27:28
they’d have to have one shot of going out in Saratoga. Like where’s it going to be? You know, you have to like be really strategic.

Ryan McFadden 27:36
I don’t know Dave Matthews. I’ve been hoping Collins for years. He’s come to scallions, which is right next door to us before I’ve seen him at boca. So hopefully, hopefully Taproom this year, we’ll probably get Richard Ortiz and the tribute band that HST anyway, hey, and

Catherine Hover 27:49
might as well be Dave Matthews. Richard teases He’s amazing. He’s awesome.

Ryan McFadden 27:53
I love it. He’s also a great guy. He’s also like a professional fisherman, which is kind of crazy. Yeah. Really cool guy, really great musician. So that’d be a fun show. It’d be cool to see him at a place too.

Catherine Hover 28:02
All right. Well, thanks so much for coming.

Ryan McFadden 28:03
Hey, thanks for having me. That’s what’s happening in April. That’s what’s on the table. Like file subscribe, tell your friends.

Catherine Hover 28:13
Thank you for listening to this podcast. And if you want to connect with me slide into my DMs on Instagram. My handle is Catherine hoever.

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