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Set the Tone for 2021 with Palette!

Let’s do this look on the brightside thing together: every day is a chance to change your mindset, routines, or anything you want. It’s a heck of a lot easier to set goals, intentions and go through with those New Years Resolutions when you’re not doing it alone. And guess what…we’re here for you! We have digital programming coming soon to help you connect with your mind, body, soul and badass business person self and all you have to do is show up (ok actually sign up so we can make sure you get the Zoom info because that is the world we live in).

Are you in? Let’s do this. YOU ARE SO IN.

Give your vision a makeover that looks good AND get results with Lyssa Jackson, Founder of MarketHER + Business Coach. With two sessions to choose from and loads of goodies and inspiration, there is nothing to stop you from manifesting your dreams into your legit reality. Click here to register.

Have you tried meditation? Karen Carey, Founder of Ruby Red Road, leads us twice a month in a guided meditation to help us feel centered, connected and present. If you’ve never tried meditation, this is a safe place to give it a whirl. If you have tried and are looking for a wonderful place to check in with like-minded meditating folks, this is for you! Click here to sign up.

Want to feel better? EAT MORE PLANTS! Deb Czech from Planted Platter is hosting a variety of classes beginning in January 2021 to teach out about ways to incorporate more plant-based eating into your life to transform your health. Also, everything she ever posts on her Instagram looks unbelievably delicious, just FYI. Check out the available classes and sign up here!

Taught by certified yoga instructor Kendra Farstad, this digital only event will focus on giving you the opportunity to give kindness and space to YOURSELF. Yoga for Relaxation is a weekly digital class series every Thursday at 7pm. This is a 1 hour class and is appropriate for all levels. Beginners are welcome! Click here to register.

Carly Hamilton-Jones, amazing life and business coach, is hosting a 12-month course to help you set goals and achieve them in 2021. Carly is SO COOL and is ready to help you make your life into the life you’ve always wanted. In addition to goal setting and vision board planning, this course provides a full year of accountability check ins to help you succeed. Click here to sign up!

Are you a Palette Member? The Town Hall, hosted by Robyn Morrison of MORR Strategy, is a chance for our members to get together in the virtual world and make the connections they need to level up in career and in life. It’s one of our favorite events and will be the perfect time for you to take all the goals you’ve set and put them into action! Sign up here!

And if you’re not a member yet, we want to tell you more about how Palette Membership can help you reach your professional and personal goals…right along with us. It’s kind of the best, if we do say so ourselves. Clickety click here to find out more!