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We Built This City: Resources

Further research, reading and resources from We Built This City 2022


Mental Health in Underserved Communities with Danisha Bonner and Lisa Good
Additional Reading

Creating Identity When None “Belongs” to You: A Conversation about Adoption with Nicolle Beaury and Erika Groff
Close the Loophole: Pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act

Reduce the Racial Wealth Gap: A Conversation PLUS Action Items with Tierra Bonds, Adrian Hill and Destiny Watkins

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Residential Segregation: A Case Study on the Capital Region with Charlene Holmes

Black & Beautiful Chit Chat Connections Webisode #1: Introduction- Who am I? Why am I here? (S1|E1)
Measuring Inclusion in America’s Cities
Resources for Residential Segregation Presentation
A History of Residental Segregation in the United States

Disability as a Continuum: Evolving Workplaces in 2022 with Stacy Eder, Martel Catalano, Teresa Beard and Kevin Brown
Beyond My Battle beyondmybattle.org
Chronically Capable www.wearecapable.org
Diverse and Remote www.diverseandremote.com
We Work Remotely (not specifically for people with disabilities but still really helpful) – weworkremotely.com
Ability Jobs – abilityjobs.com

Handy dandy fact sheet from Rutgers 

Current US Bureau of Labor Statistics info on rates of unemployment for people with disabilities  

More disability advocates





A Mom’s Place Is in The Workplace with Nikita Hardy, Christina Farinacci-Roberts and Miranda VonFricken

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Exploring the Intersectionality of Race, Religion & Spirituality: A Creative Group Exercise with Monique Headley and Jacqueline Hill-Tyo

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